How to Cope When Your BFF Suddenly Becomes Popular

Not all friendships are meant to last a lifetime, but that doesn't mean it's easy to watch them fade away.

Sometimes life takes you down different paths, whether it means growing apart, moving away—or, climbing up the social ladder.

All friendships are difficult to part with, but there's an especially sensitive place in our hearts for a friend who gets popular and leaves you in her dust.

Check out these strategies for coping with an bestie's newfound popularity below.

1. Write About It

The people around you will probably get a little tired of your endless ranting. Take to a notebook to complain about every intricate detail of the abandonment and spare your friends and family. Writing is therapeutic and will be sure to ease the pain of your friend's harsh burn.

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2. Take the High Road

While your first instinct may be to defame your ex-BFF by sharing the plethora of embarrassing stories and secrets in your arsenal, avoid this impulse at all costs. When you're ditched by a good friend, you want to be the bigger person. You can acknowledge that her actions were petty (in your notebook) but never drop down to her level.


3. Remember the Good Times

Try not to let this breakup ruin all of the amazing memories you shared in the past. The good times will always be good no matter what happens in the future. Try to appreciate what you had even though she's making new memories with different people now.

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4. Daily Affirmations

When a friend leaves you for a more popular crew it's easy to feel your self-worth deflate like an old balloon. But you have to remember that your value is not determined by anyone else but you. Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say your daily affirmations. This will help you grow your self-confidence and, over time, trivial things like cliques and popularity won't matter anymore.


5. Let Her Go

Holding onto a finished friendship is painful for everyone involved. Once it's clear that the friendship is over, accept the change and move forward. Bombarding her with texts and lurking her social media will only make her uncomfortable and you upset. It really is a lose-lose situation.

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6. Make New Friends

You never know when a horrible situation is really a blessing in disguise. Sure, you lost your best friend, but maybe that needed to happen in order for you to meet a new person who is your true best friend soulmate. The silver lining to this situation is that it exposes her true colors: She isn't the best person for you.


7. Let Yourself Feel All the Feels

Look, no matter how many tips you read or support from other friends you have, this is going to hurt. Allow yourself to feel everything rather than trying to push the emotions down. If you feel sad, it's okay to cry about it. If you feel angry, it's okay to vent in your notebook. If you feel lonely, its okay to play Lana del Rey on repeat.


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