5 Ways to Handle Your Crush Liking Your BFF

We've seen it happen on TV time and time again—the epic love triangle.

Betty loves Archie, but Archie falls for Betty's best friend Veronica. It's a heartbreaking situation, especially when it's happening to you IRL.

Here are five ways to deal when your crush falls for your BFF.

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1.Talk To Your Best Friend

Because your best friend knows all of your secrets, it's certainly no secret they know about your crush. Chances are your BFF already feels bad about the entire situation. Be open and honest and talk to them about how bummed you are. If they truly are your bestie, they will listen to you and take your feelings to heart.


2. Don't Hold a Grudge

Sure, you are feeling angry and hurt towards your crush for liking your best friend. Those feelings are valid. But, you can't be mad at them. They aren't trying to cause you pain on purpose. You also shouldn't be mad at your best friend because technically they didn't do anything wrong either. It's an unfortunate love triangle, but no one is trying to purposefully hurt your heart.

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3. Be Honest

This one takes some bravery. Perhaps your crush has no idea you are into them. A little honesty never hurt anyone. As long as you come from a calm, cool and honest place of telling your crush about your feelings, it can't harm the situation. Best case scenario, they may have needed to know that in order to catch feelings for you. Worst case, the feelings are not reciprocated, but there is a mutual respect.


4. Don't Compare Yourself

If your crush still likes your BFF after you were honest with both parties, don't compare yourself to your best friend. They are your bestie for a reason. You are both loyal and both care about each other, and sure, you both may even crush on the same person. Know that you are just as fantastic as your best friend. You shouldn't change who you are to be more like your bestie just because they're admired by someone you wish you were dating.


5. Know There Is Someone for You

As much as you want your crush to be the one for you, the truth is there will be someone else. You will crush again, we promise. There will be someone who values exactly who you are and what you bring to the table. Trust that in time everything will work out and your current situation is just a little rough patch.

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