How to Deal With Seeing Your Ex Every Day

After a relationship ends, it can be difficult enough to get past the heartache.

But how can you deal when you have to see your ex every day? Follow the tips below to get through the rough patch and back on the path to feeling like yourself again.

1. Confide in Your BFF

Your BFF knows you better than anyone, so lean on her for some support during this time. She'll always be there to distract you with funny memes when you accidentally bump into your ex in the hallway.

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2. Fill Up Your Calendar

Having a significant other means lots of events on your social calendar. After a breakup you may find yourself with lots of free time, so fill it up with things you love to do! Audition for the school play, take a cooking class with your best gal pals or host a study group. Taking your mind off your breakup will keep you from obsessing.

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3. Think Positive

Chances are your ex isn't sure how to handle seeing you every day just as you aren't sure how to deal with seeing them. It may be tempting to bash your ex to anyone who will listen, but save it for your mom and a trusted friend. You don't want to create tension by spreading rumors—it doesn't look good on anyone.

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4. Rework Your Wardrobe

It's time to pull out your favorite cute swing dress and pair of mules. The added boost of confidence from an outfit you love will help you from feeling awkward in the halls.

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5. Treat Yourself

Let's face it: Breakups. Are. Hard. It can be really difficult to pretend like everything's okay all day, every day. When you get home, let yourself relax and take care. Whether it's a sheet mask, grabbing tea with someone or making it a board game night with the family, do things that make you happy. You deserve it!

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