How to Deal If You and Your Sibling Are Fighting Constantly in Quarantine

Even the best sibling relationships can be tense and uncomfortable, and that's especially true now for just about anyone cooped up with their brother or sister amid coronavirus.

While you and your sibling might have a typical bond under "normal" circumstances, being stuck inside with little to do (and no idea of when it might end) isn't exactly normal. In other words, while it's not exactly a cause for concern if you can't stop bickering, there are things you can do to help alleviate some of that lingering tension.

Scroll down for tips on how to deal if you and your sibling are fighting nonstop amid quarantine.

Create Some Space Between the Two of You

Chances are, a big part of why you and your sibling are at one another's throats is because you've been in very close proximity to one another for an extended period of time, with limited options to take a breather and cool off. If you sense that space (or lack thereof) is part of your problem, do what you can to safely distance yourself from your sib, even if it's only for small stretches of time. For example, if they like hanging out in your shared bedroom, try spending some of your time in a different area of your house. If possible, grab a book or your phone and hang out in your backyard for a bit. You'll be surprised at the relaxing feeling brought on by a spot to call your own and a little fresh air.

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Vent to Someone

For many, patience is wearing thin and tempers are flaring like they never have before. If you can't stand your sibling at this stage in the game, it's pretty normal. However, bottling up any frustration you might have, or lashing out at your sibling isn't great. If you can, try to find someone in your life (like a friend or partner) who you can share your frustrations with. Chances are you'll realize you're hardly alone, and it can be helpful knowing you have someone willing to listen to you. If you don't feel comfortable opening up to someone, try writing down your feelings instead.


Talk It Out

If your sibling is engaging in specific behaviors that are bothering you, like talking on the phone late at night or hogging the television during the day, do what you can to work through these issues on your own. Tell them what's bothering you and give them an opportunity to address the behavior. Plus, it's highly likely you're doing some things that are driving them crazy, too. Try your best to compromise and remember that this won't last forever.

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Get Outside

Assuming it's safe to do so, make an effort to get out of your house occasionally, especially if tensions are running high with you and your sibling. Obviously you should still avoid going to busy areas, but in this case even a walk to the end of your street will likely provide enough time for you and your family member to cool off.


Develop a Hobby

If you're feeling like you can't escape your sibling, try developing a hobby that's all your own, and is something you can do by yourself when you need a break from your brother or sister. Baking is a great way to pass the time on your own, as is learning a new language or working on a big puzzle. If you're feeling nostalgic, you could even try working on a scrapbook. Who knows? Maybe looking at old photos of you and your sibling will help you remember that even though you might not be getting along at the moment, you have an unbreakable bond.

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