How to Deal With a Haircut You Hate

We've all been there.

You find a great picture of a cool new haircut. You gather your courage, take the photo to the salon and get the cut. The final product looks nothing like the picture, and now you're stuck with a 'do that you hate. How do you deal?

Don't Panic

Your first reaction may be to run back to the salon or even take scissors to you hair yourself, but pump the brakes. I know, it sucks. But you can work with your current hairstyle without potentially making it worse.

woman with pixie cut and glasses
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Head to a Different Professional Right Away

If you don't like the way your hairdresser styled your hair, hop into the chair of a different professional stat to get a fresh set of eyes on the look. Even though you're feeling frustrated and hopeless at the moment, chances are a different stylist will see things in a whole new light and will be able to fix your hair with an additional slight trim or at least recommend styling options to assist in making you happy with it.


Bust Out the Power Tools

If you've waited a few days, tried to style your hair yourself and still can't make it work, it's time to call in the big guns. Fire up your curling iron or straightener to really breathe new life into a haircut you're not feeling. We bet the more you mess around on your own, you'll find a way to make this work.

woman blow drying her hair
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Before your tragic chop, you may have been used to wearing your hair the same style each day, but think of this awful 'do as excuse to play around with hair accessories that you never thought to use prior. Because you want to keep people from seeing it in its purest form, throw on a cute hat or tie it up with a scarf and the attention will be on you in all the right ways!


Learn From Your Mistakes

Maybe you'll learn to embrace your new cut, but if not, learn to avoid a bad hair decision in the future. Whether your stylist wasn't listening to what you wanted or you picked a style that didn't complement you, chalk it up to a learning experience and avoid doing it again (or seeing that stylist) in the future.


Now that you've chilled out, try giving your new hairstyle an awesome at-home blowout by following these expert instructions HERE.