How to Deal With High School Haters

When it comes to dealing with high school haters, we can be left feeling a bit helpless.

Whether you're struggling with them at school or online, small things can add up over time and leave you feeling frustrated, isolated and demeaned.  Of course, you don't have to just put up with mistreatment—but that doesn't mean tearing them down in retaliation, either. If you're looking to develop some skills for dealing with haters, we have some ideas to add to your toolset that'll not only make you more resilient but help you learn to win people over entirely.

Bully takes place online too

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Talk To Someone

It's not always easy to talk about a subject, especially when you've feeling hurt, but it's a huge step toward healing from pretty much any situation that's difficult or painful. It feels good to be heard and to have someone you can rely on to listen in times of trouble, or even to offer advice when it's wanted. Find that person you trust and build a support system.

Talking to someone can help

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Nurture Existing Healthy Relationships

When you're dealing with conflict at school, it's important to focus on the healthy relationships you have instead of dwelling on the bad. Whether that's family or friends, do things with the people you enjoy being around, who uplift and care for you, and remember not to take them for granted. You'll also find that being surrounded by friends will give you the courage to sort out your issues with someone looking to tear you down—and that you're less likely to be bullied or taunted if you're in a group that has your back.


Appear Confident

We all know looking confident is more easily said than done, but the phrase "fake it 'til you make it" exists for a reason. Work on looking and feeling your best by reminding yourself what you value and admire most about who you are at your core. Oftentimes, haters will focus on people who appear insecure, getting a rise out of a reaction, but will lay off if someone isn't fazed by their words and actions.

Appear confident to your bully

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Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

Of course, that isn't to say that you should just allow bullying or aggression to happen. Instead, be assertive and stand up for yourself in a way that shows your self-assurance. That can mean respectfully defending your beliefs or identity, as well as the things you're passionate about, without turning it into an attack. Do what you can not to turn to aggression, as that can create further hostility and anger.


Be Kind

If nothing else seems to be working, overwhelm them with kindness. There is no such thing as being too nice to someone, and sometimes, you may find that someone who's antagonistic toward you is dealing with struggles of their own and needs a friend more than anyone. And while you don't have to go so far as to befriend your hater, know that being nice to them will always be better than being petty. Be a person who's hard to hate, and chances are you'll ward off future meanies as well.

If all else fails, show kindness

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