How to Decide What to Wear on the Last Day of School

The last day of school is thisclose.

But before you can bid adieu to homework, early alarm clocks and that fourth period lag, you have to get through that final school day. It's an exciting one, really, filled with signing yearbooks and saying farewell to classmates and teachers.

Because this is the last time you'll see most of these folks for a long time, you've got to make your last day of school outfit count! Below, here's how to decide what to wear on the last day of school.

Consider Any Post-School Celebrations

Are you heading to the mall with friends? The beach? A bike ride? Make sure you consider your after-school plans prior so you can be prepared for the day and not have to go home. If you plan on going to the beach or pool, go for something easy like a summer sundress or jean shorts. Or if you're heading on a bike ride, an easy tee and high waist jeans.

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Stick to a Classic

You'll want to feel cool and confident on your last day of school, so we'd recommend staying away from any new looks that you're not completely sure about (i.e. that fuchsia floral maxi dress that's been sitting in your closet for weeks). You'll be talking to tons of people today and taking pictures, so stick with what you know and wear one of your favorite pieces. Say yes to your favorite striped shirt, those super comfy boyfriend jeans, or your perfectly worn-in Vans that look awesome with everything.

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Make It Memorable

That being said, it's never a bad idea to stand out. If you feel most comfy in a white tee, try pairing it with a printed skirt or a pair of cool pants. Wearing something bold will also help you remember the moment when you look back at photos. You can spice up your look with even something simple, like a beret or some cool shades.

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Coordinate With Your Pals

Dressing up with your friends is always fun, especially if there's a school picture involved and you want an easy way to spot you and your crew in the crowd. You can pick a color scheme, like blush or blue, so that your outfits complement each other in photos.


Don't Leave the House If You Have Any Doubts

Feeling confident is vital, and having a good outfit totally plays into your confidence level. To end the school year with a positive bang, go with the outfit you feel the most confident wearing. If you tend to be insecure about your arms, the last day of school might not be the best day to wear a muscle tee. Or if you fret over your midsection, a bodycon dress won't be the way to go.


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