How to Decorate Your Locker for Fall

The only thing equally exciting as back-to-school supplies shopping? Decorating your locker of course!

Think of your locker as your own little oasis in between the hustle and bustle of your crazy school day. It's also the perfect place to express yourself, show off your individuality and use as a mini-spa to refresh after lunch. Sure, you might not get a ton of space—15 inches wide (on average) to be exact. But believe it or not, the possibilities are endless, and fall is one of the most fun seasons for decorating. Keep reading for our best tips below!

Add Some Light

Good lighting can transform a space, especially the depths of a dark and dingy locker! There are lots of lighting options to choose from here—you can go for an overhead light like this one from Target ($6), or you can go real fancy and glam with a locker chandelier. If understated is more your thing, soft string lights will had the perfect warm glimmer. To make your locker more fall, you can throw in some festive lighting in the shape of leaves, pumpkins or lights with autumnal tones. 

Locker Light

(via Target)

Locker String Lights

(via Target)


Create Vertical Space

In order to get the most out of your locker, you have to go up. Shelves are a great way to maximize your space and store everything you need and make things easy to find!

Locker Shelf

(via Amazon)


Add Wallpaper

We all know lockers can be really grimy looking with years and years of use. Add some cheer to your space with any of these fun magnetic locker wallpaper prints.

Locker Wall Paper

(via Amazon)


Try a Locker Curtain

Okay, how fun are locker curtains? Your locker will be the talk of the town with how unexpected it is.

Pom Pom locker curtain

(via Target)


Warm It Up

Want an easy way to instantly up the cozy factor inside your locker? A locker rug! Not only will this help insulate your locker so your things aren't freezing, it also adds much needed pizazz.

locker rug

(via Target)


Don't forget to go back with stylish clothes, too! HERE are some of our fave back-to-school accessories.