How to Rock Modern Emo Makeup Like a Pro

"And then we drank each other's blood…" That's what Megan Fox said after she got engaged to Machine Gun Kelly.

If that's not totally emo, we don't know what is! Whether you're hopping on the emo and goth trend because of them or even Kourtney Kardashian or Avril Lavigne, trust us when we say there are tons of ways to incorporate the emo look into your everyday life without completely overdoing it. It's not all about black lipstick and nail polish—there's so much more. Keep scrolling to find out how to rock modern emo makeup like a pro!

Heavy Eyeliner

The eyes are perhaps the biggest indicator of emo makeup. When it comes to eyeliner, the thicker, smokier and smudgier, the better! Stick with a dark color like black and go to town. If you're not sure exactly where to start, we suggest experimenting with an over-drawn cat-eye. You can even do a thick under-eye eyeliner (and make sure to get the water-line, too!).


Vampy or Pale Lipstick

Emo makeup doesn't incorporate tons of color, but if you want to have a pop of something, we think you should go for a vampy lipstick. Whether it's deep purple or dark red, you truly can't go wrong. Or, do a pale shade that matches your skin. Just make sure you stick with a matte formula, gloss is a definite no-go!

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Matte Foundation

If you're into more of a glowy and youthful look, emo makeup definitely isn't for you. Instead of focusing on things like blush, bronzer and highlighter, emo makeup is all about the foundation and keeping it matte. Be sure to finish it off with a setting spray!

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Black Eyeshadow

The eyeliner and eyeshadow go hand in hand, and more often than not you'll see heavy usage of the two together when it comes to emo makeup looks. Create a killer smoky eye with black and grey shadows and you will look the part of an emo girl in next to no time.


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