Here's How to Dress Like Fashion Icon Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber isn't just a model and Justin Bieber's wife—she's a fashion icon, too!

From her smoking hot date night looks to her casual post-pilates outfits, we love everything she's been rocking lately. If you love her model-off-duty looks as much as we do, you've come to the right place. Continue below to find out how to dress like fashion icon Hailey Bieber!

1. Stick With Neutral Outfits and Colorful Accessories

Hailey loves a neutral look. From tans to blacks and whites, you will see her rocking neutral hues all of the time. She also likes to add fun pops of color to her accessories, whether it's shoes, a bag, jacket or something else!


2. Invest In All the Blazers

Hailey Bieber is undoubtedly the queen of blazers. We think we've seen her pictured in literally 200 different ones in the last few years. Go for an oversized look and wear a crop underneath to achieve her ultimate style.


3. Make Denim Shorts a Staple

Mrs. Bieber loves herself some jean shorts, and if you don't have any 501 cut-off Levi's in your closet, it's time to invest in a pair. She wears them with anything from bralettes to crops, tees, hoodies and more.


4. Matching Workout Sets Are a Must

Mismatched workout sets are a thing of the past, which is why Hailey can always be seen rocking a matching workout set. Not only is the look seamless, but it's classy, too. As long as the colors are matched and the logos aren't in your face, it's Hailey-approved.


5. Incorporate Tons of Crop Tops

If only we could have Hailey Bieber's abs! She looks stunning in crop tops and manages to incorporate them into her everyday looks. Whether it's for a fancy red carpet event or a casual outing, crops are some of her staple pieces.


6. All Leather All the Time

Lady Bieber loves a leather look. From leather dresses to blazers, pants and more, if it's leather, she's going to wear it. The material looks amazing on her and she gives us the fashion inspo to incorporate it into our own outfits.


7. Wear Knee-High and Over-the-Knee Boots

Hailey knows how to rock a pair of boots. Whether they're knee-high or over-the-knee, she loves to wear them all the time. Paired with blazer dresses, oversized hoodies and more, this has to be one of her most classic go-to's.


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