Say Nevermore To Colors with These Wednesday Wardrobe Essentials

You have probably seen all the buzz surrounding the new Netflix series Wednesday starring the beloved Jenna Ortega.

Wednesday's witty remarks and dark humor are brilliant, but the one thing we really can't stop talking about is her legendary outfits. The new show's costume designer, Colleen Atwood, brought the classic Wednesday Addams look to life with an edgy, modern twist. With her lethal allergy to color, Wednesday devoids herself of any and all vibrancy, making us all want to be "queen of the dark prom."

Though it may be tricky to find a disembodied hand to follow you around all day, here are some Wednesday staples you may already have in your closet.

1. Stripes, Checkers and Polka Dots

Despite Wednesday's aversion to bright and lively colors, she doesn't shy away from fun patterns and designs. To elevate her monochrome look, go for pieces featuring unique and interesting patterns. Try styling a funky shirt or sweater with a leather jacket or layer with a turtleneck.

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2. Collared Dresses

The collared dress is Wednesday's most famous look. Her black dress, detailed with a white pointed collar, is what started everyone's obsession with her style. If you are not able to find a collared dress, you can create your own by wearing a white button-down under a simple black dress. Pair this with two braids for that effortless Wednesday look.


3. Boots and Loafers

Black booties and loafers are the perfect footwear choice when it comes to Wednesday's preppy goth style. The chunkier the platform, the better! Add a pair of dark tights or knee-high socks to tie the outfit together.

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4. Makeup and Accessories

The accessories are our favorite part. A smoky eye with a dark berry lip screams Wednesday. Feel free to get creative with your accessories by adding a tie, some ribbons, a bow and, of course, the classic pigtails.


Incorporating these essentials into your everyday ensembles is bound to get you the Wednesday look in no time. Be confident in your outfit, because it's all about attitude at the end of the day! And remember—the most important accessory is a woeful spirit and a snarky disposition.


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