Here's How to Drop a Toxic Friend

The people you surround yourself with affect your life in a powerful way.

Your friends should be positive and supportive, but there are always going to be toxic friends who don't need to be in your inner circle.

Below are some ways to remove yourself from the friendships in your life that are weighing you down:

Be Aware of the Negative

Be cognizant of people who exude negative energy around you. They're the ones who contradict, condescend and always feel the need to one-up you. People who act like this face their own insecurities, but that shouldn't be rubbed off on you. Start noticing the people in your life who do this and remove yourself from their negative mindset and situations.

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Don't Give Into the Toxic

Toxic people try bringing out negativity in others. Nothing good comes out surrounding yourself in their space. If you have a negative friend, you may find yourself feeling exhausted after you hang out with them. It's because their energy takes a toll on your body and mind. It's fine to take a break from your friend to recharge and focus on people who bring out the best in you. After giving the relationship some space, think about whether the time apart has allowed for positive change, or if this person is permanently stuck in their ways. In that case, start distancing yourself for good.


Be Honest

There is no harm in honesty. Sometimes we worry too much about hurting someone's feelings rather than focusing on ourselves and our needs. It's a hard conversation to have when addressing your friend's negativity. It's important to make them aware that they're bringing you down. If you don't want your friendship to end, the only way to make it better is to have an open and honest conversation with your friend. If they're not willing to change (or at least compromise), then they're not worth having in your life anyway.


Remember, It's Quality Over Quantity

You deserve supportive friends. It may seem like the more friends you have, the higher your popularity status, but not when it is draining you with toxicity. Friends should be supportive and genuinely care about your well being, and together you should lift each other up and not bring each other down. Focus on having a few solid pals you can always depend on, and worry less about racking up the numbers at your lunch table.


Give Yourself Permission to Move On

Some friendships aren't meant to last forever. When a friendship no longer makes you happy, it's okay to move on, especially if the relationship is always affecting your mood and well-being. Sure, it's hard to cut ties, but your happiness is important and you need to put yourself first. It will be hard at first and you may feel bad for hurting someone's feelings, but you'll feel so much better and empowered in the end.


All of this can be overwhelming, for more guidance from a life coach on overcoming worry and guilt click HERE.