How to Figure Out What Your Friend's Crush Thinks of Them

Friends are great for a lot things—enlisting them to get the 411 on a crush is one of them!

If this request has been bestowed upon you, don't panic—we've got some foolproof ways to get the job done. Scroll below to find out what they are!

Always Bring Up Your Friend When You're Around Them

One of the best ways to get a feel for how you friend's crush, well, feels about them, is by bringing up your pal around them as often as possible. Body language doesn't lie. So if their crush doesn't react or really do anything when you talk about your friend, then they're probably not interested. But if you notice a twinkle in their eye and they start to ask questions about your pal, they're probably somewhat interested. Now, don't go and tell your friend their crush is in love with them, because that's not the case. Your bestie has just piqued their interest.


Question Them About Their Love Life

You don't have to directly ask your friend's crush how they feel about them, but you can quiz them on their love life. Ask if they're seeing anyone or even interested in someone. They might not be willing to share their secret crush, but if you ask the right questions, the context clues you're given will reveal who they fancy. The more you're willing to share about your own love life, the more your pal's crush will do the same. The key here is to make them feel comfortable and as if they can trust you. Of course they can! They only person you're going to tell if your friend, right??

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Get Close With Their Friend Group

If your pal's crush is pretty good keeping their feelings a secret, it's time to infiltrate their friend group. They probably don't feel comfortable telling you, someone they barely know, about their love life. But they'll absolutely tell their friends about who they're crushing on more. Get close with their pals and, once you gain their trust, question them about who your bestie's crush is interested in. This may take quite a bit of time, so be patient. You can't ask them right away, because they'll know something is up.


Keep an Eye on Their Social Media Habits

We all social stalk these days. Even when it comes to people we don't care about, we'll find ourselves scrolling their their IG and Twitter to see who they interact with. Using social media to see who your pal's crush connects with across all platforms will let you know who they're feeling. If they comment on your friend's IG posts regularly or always respond to their tweets, love might very well be in the air. But if they don't do anything, they're likely uninterested. Better yet, all that stalking will tell you who they are interested in. Use that information wisely.

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See How They Interact Around Your Bestie

Sometimes, people aren't that into social media. They may like a few Insta pics here and there or retweet something every so often, but other than that, they maintain a pretty low profile online. Good for them, because we wish we had that kind of restraint. Anyway, rather than using social media to see how they feel about your friend, you'll need to see how they interact with them in person. Do they get nervous and excited and suddenly lose all ability to function like a normal human being? Yeah, that means they're interested. If they don't really interact with your friend when they're together IRL, take that as a sign their love story isn't going to be written.


Just Ask Them How They Feel

If you really need to know how they feel, you can straight-up ask them. We know that sounds intimidating and something your pal might not go along with in the beginning, but it really is the only way to know for sure if your their crush likes them back. You don't have to flat-out ask them, but have a conversation that eventually leads up to you inquiring about their feelings. This is the quickest way to get the most honest answer. It might not be the one your friend wants to hear, but it's better they know where they stand ASAP.

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If all your sleuthing has led you to the conclusion that your friend's crush likes them, let them know that THESE are the best times of the year to tell them how they feel.