How to Find a Hairstylist You'll Love

If your hair is a bit of a sensitive subject for you, you're certainly not alone.

It can feel like your hair is a reflection of who you are, something that complements everything about you as well as a bit of a safety blanket. That attachment that so many of us have to our hair can actually be quite a weakness, as it can keep you from trusting someone enough to cut/color/style your hair—especially if you've had a bad experience in the past (come on, who hasn't had a stylist chop off four+ inches when you asked for "just a trim?"). But getting your hair cut or professionally colored regularly is important, as it can prevent breakage, keep your hair healthy, help it grow and prevent any accidental color nightmares. So, how do you go about finding a stylist you can trust? We can help. Check out these tips for finding a hairstylist you will love, below!

1. Ask Around

Think about it—there's a reason why people check apps like Yelp for restaurant recommendations when they're in a new town. So, if you're not sure who to go to for your hair and you're worried about having a less-than-ideal result or experience if you just go to the salon nearest you, go straight to a source you can always count on—your friends! Ask around your group (especially the friends with the best hair or the hair that's most similar to your length and texture) or think about asking for recs via Instagram or another social media source.


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2. Check the 'Gram

Speaking of Instagram, this is where you're most likely to not only get connected with potential hairstylists but also where you can review examples of their previous work to see if they might be a good fit for you. Many stylists specialize in particular services, like balayage, color correction or hair with a certain texture. Going through Instagram lets you look through plenty of photos before actually reaching out or scheduling an appointment.


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3. DM/Text Your Stylist First

If you're not going for a basic trim (the kind you could walk into your average Fantastic Sams or Supercuts for) or you're just looking for a more in-depth experience, your stylist should schedule an appointment. Before that appointment, though, a good stylist will reach out to you to get to know more about your hair history (have you been a loyal box-dye fan for years? When was your last trim?) as well as your desired result and—perhaps most importantly—your budget. A really good stylist might charge by the hour, so you'll want to know exactly what you're getting into and how much you're looking at spending before going to the first stylist that's actually willing to work with you. Set your expectations and make sure they're well-understood before moving forward.


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4. Be Patient

If you're tired of your current hair or had a bit of a color accident recently, it's important not to try to take things into your own hands—quick fixes will usually only hurt you in the long run. If you're going in for any kind of color service, your stylist should have you come in for a quick patch test at a date that's prior to your actual appointment so that they can test how your hair reacts to the color/bleach/treatment. Your stylist might also be booked for a while with regular clients or other prior commitments, so just be patient and know that the wait will be worth it.


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