How to Actually Follow Through With Your New Year's Resolution

Another year has passed in a blink of an eye.

If you made an effort to think of a New Year's resolution, welcome to the club. It's sometimes easy to come up with the resolution, but it's not always easy to be persistent when acting or obtaining the goals you have set for yourself. Buckle up as you follow along to see a few ideas on keeping up with the resolution you have arranged for this year.

1. Create a Resolution You Can Actually Reach

Following through on a New Year's resolution begins with the resolution itself. While deciding on what resolution you should set, make sure it's something specific. If you are too vague, you will give yourself room to budge—and we don't want that. Also, make sure that it's measurable and realistic. If you choose something that you can never reach, it won't end up with promising results. Also, make your resolution relevant, so you actually are driven to make a change or reach a goal.


2. Plan Out Your Path

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's very easy to forget to plan a step-by-step or month-by-month detailed list of goals. This breaks your big goal into smaller steps to achieve the final result. Start slow and steady. This drives you to complete all the little steps that will eventually get you to your resolution.

planning out your resolution will help stay motivated

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3. Make a Mood Board

Making a mood board is a great idea when it comes to this year's resolution you have set for yourself. It can seem kind of silly for some, but creating something that you envision for yourself can motivate you to achieve it. Once you make a collection of everything you want for the end of that year, put it somewhere you can see it every day so you are reminded of the goal and all the hard work you have already put into achieving it.

A mood board will visualize what you want

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4. Avoid Creating a Pattern of Negativity

While this can vary from person to person, it's an essential piece to this puzzle. If you have self-doubt or don't trust yourself enough, you have already succumbed to the negativity. Make sure to start your resolution off with positivity because it's more likely you will have favorable emotions towards it in the future. Just because you have setbacks doesn't mean you should throw aware the entire resolution. Take a deep breath and keep going.


5. Renew Your Motivation

During the first part of your resolution, you will still have your New Year's high. You may feel confident and motivated at the beginning, but don't lose hope if this wanes as the year continues. After dealing with the reality of your resolution, your motivation may start to fade, so remind yourself that you have a goal to reach and you will reach it. You can look at that mood board and feel rejuvenated to keep working hard for your goals.

renew your motivation to achieve your goal

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6. Make Revisions

Working on a resolution is a process. As months go by, you may find that some parts are not as achievable this year as you initially thought. That's okay, because things change. That's the best part of it. You can always revise what you are working toward as long as you keep working towards a better you, you are succeeding.


7. Read More

Reading will always benefit you. This can simply mean reading more about what your goal means for you or perhaps reading about how you need to achieve it. If your goal is to start getting more followers on TikTok, read about the trends and plan out what you need to do to achieve that. Or perhaps if your goal is to go to the gym four days a week, read about what days you should work on what body part for your body type. What workouts work best for you?

Reading will help you achieve your goals too

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Working hard to complete a resolution can be hard, but if you put yourself out there and make sure to keep up with the plans you have given yourself, you'll set yourself up for success. Keep your head held high and don't be too hard on yourself. Stay positive through the realities of making a goal and achieving it.

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