How to Genuinely Boost a Friend's Confidence

Self-confidence is something we could all use a bit more of.

If you find a friend struggling to appreciate themselves, these easy tips will help you genuinely boost their confidence. confidence-body-031119

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Don't Allow Negative Self-Talk

Having a zero tolerance policy with negative self-talk will do wonders for your friend. Don't let them indulge in negative spirals or allow them to be their own worst enemy. When your friend starts taking the negative self-talk road, ask them to stop. If they want to comment on their body or any current situation, ask them to keep it positive, reminding them that the message they put out in the universe (good or bad) will reflect on their mindset.


Point Out the Positive

It's very easy for somebody with low self-esteem to have a hard time finding the positive qualities they possess. Do your pal a favor and be generous in pointing out their positive traits. Are they great at cooking? Is your friend an amazing listener? Don't be shy—showering them with genuine positive comments will help their struggle.


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Point Out How Others See Their Positive Traits

If a third party can validate their positive traits, your friend is also very likely to start believing in themselves. Did you catch the teacher saying something great about your friend after hours? Did one of your friends comment that your pal wore a cute dress? Share it with them so they know other great people see them in a positive light as well.


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