How to Get '90s-Inspired Lips

If you love everything about the '90s and want to channel your inner SJP or Jennifer Aniston, you've come to the right place.

The '90s were a time for experimental makeup, and the lips were always the stars of the show. If you think about lips from that decade, we're willing to bet an image comes to mind of dark liner and nude lips. Want to recreate the look for yourself? Keep scrolling to find out how to get '90s-inspired lips.

1. Make Sure Your Lips Are Clean of Product

The first thing you need to do is wipe your lips clean of any excess makeup. You can do this with a damp wash cloth, a makeup remover or even a Q-tip. This will allow for a clean, neutralized base to work with!

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2. Line Your Lips With a Dark Color

Next, grab a lip liner that's dark in color (we like Charlotte Tilbury's Foxy Brown color). Depending on your skin tone, this might be a deep brown, mauve or something else. Overline your lips (on both the top and bottom) to give your lips a plumping effect.


3. Apply A Light Lipstick

Then, you will need to apply a lipstick that's a few shades lighter than your lip liner (we like Charlotte Tilbury's JK Magic color). For example, if you use a brown lipliner, use a nude lipstick.

(via Charlotte Tilbury)


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4. Clean Up the Edges With Concealer

Next, you will need to clean up the edges of your lips with concealer. The goal here is to make your lips look as precise as possible, and concealer is definitely the easiest way to do this.


5. Add Some Juicy Lipgloss

Finally, all you need to do is add some juicy lipgloss! This will make your lips look plump, glossy and smooch-worthy.

(via Charlotte Tilbury)


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