7 Sly Ways to Get Your Crush's Attention

So you're smitten with that cutie in third period, but don't have a clue how to get them to notice you…

Sound familiar? We've been there, too. The downside of having a crush is not knowing how to get their attention, let alone even getting them to know you exist. But we have a feeling after following the tips below, you'll catch your cutie's gaze real soon.

Change Up Your Hair

If you've been thinking about getting a cool new haircut or dying your hair a different color, then now's the time to make the switch! Most people don't pay attention to a minor trim, but they will totally take note of a cool new color or haircut. Doing something a little daring always gets you noticed— just make sure that whatever you do is only because you want to.


Wear Red

Whether it's a pretty red blouse, a bold red lip, or both, red is a good way to get you noticed. It's a look-at-me color that'll put all eyes on you, including your crush's.


Get More Involved

Take note of what your crush likes to do. Do they volunteer, like to skateboard, play the guitar or hang out at the mall? Get more involved in similar activities, or at the very least, try being present where tend to be found (without being creepy, obvs). The more they start seeing you around and associating you with things they enjoy doing, the better your chances.


Smell Good

Sometimes getting your crush's attention is easy as selecting a fresh fragrance. Swoop up a really yummy scent and spritz it on right before you know you're going to bump into your crush. Your aroma might even be the perfect icebreaker.


Befriend Their Friends

If you're too nervous to talk to your crush just yet, start slow by befriending someone in their circle. It doesn't have to be their absolute best friend, just someone who they hang out with on occasion. But make sure you keep your crush's pal in the friend-zone, otherwise your chances of ending up with your person of choice might go out the window.


Make Eye Contact

There's nothing more intimate than eye contact. If you want to steal your crush's heart, authentic eye contact is key. Now don't just go mimicking a staring contest (that's creepy), but look over at them naturally from time to time. For example, if you're in a group of people and you find a joke funny and your crush is laughing, too, look over at them and try to meet their gaze.


Use Your Humor

If you have humor and wit on your side, then use it! Being funny can take you far, with making new friends and gaining the attention of your crush. Start small by cracking a cute joke in class or in a group of friends. Laughter is contagious, so if they constantly see you smiling and giggling, they'll want to be in on the jokes.

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