How to Get Your Crush to Text You First

Texting your crush is stressful.

But what if you just skip the anxiety-inducing moment of sending the first text altogether? With the right tactics, you might just be able to finesse your way into a better situation—aka, getting your crush to text you first.

How do you do it? Keep scrolling for our tips on how to get your crush to text you first.

Show You're Interested

First and foremost, if you want your crush to text you first, you have to find a way to catch their attention. And no, staring longingly at them while they aren't looking doesn't count. You have to throw the subtlety out the window and go a little bigger. Practice some overt flirting and make your interest apparent. Your crush is just as nervous about getting left on read as you are, so try to make it very clear that you would like your relationship to go somewhere. If they can tell you're interested in them, they'll be much more likely to swallow their anxiety and send the first text.

Riverdale Cheryl and Archie

(Riverdale via The CW)


Make Them Comfortable

Someone who feels nervous or on edge around you isn't going to text you. They can't even talk to you in person—why would they want receipts of your conversation, should things go poorly? If you want to receive that first text, you have to make your crush feel comfortable. Establish a rapport between the two of you and focus on building a bit of a friendship first. Once they feel like you have some sort of connection, they'll feel much more at-ease sending that first text. Plus, you'll actually have something to talk about, instead of just asking each other what you're doing for five hours straight.


Play Hard to Get

While you should make your interest apparent, you also can't be at your crush's beck and call. We're not big on games, but playing hard to get might pay off. By this we simply mean that you can't be too available to your crush. Following them around and hanging on their every word communicates that you're already too invested in this relationship. If that's the case, your crush will realize they always have you as an option, making them less inclined to build a relationship with you anytime soon. It's truly a dumb process, but playing hard to get might be the key to eliciting a first text from your crush.

Regina George blowing a kiss to a guy in Mean Girls

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Be Bold

Sometimes getting your crush to text you first requires a little bravery on your part. If you're tired of tiptoeing around your feelings with no results, it's time to be bold. Simply write your number on a piece of paper, hand it over to them and tell them to text you sometime. Once you're out of the gray area, you have a better chance of receiving a text from your crush. It'll be terrifying in the moment, but it will definitely let you know where you stand with the person you're into.


Recruit a Friend

If all else fails, you can always turn to a friend for support. Just have your most trusted pal drop a hint to your crush that you'd like a text. It can be as subtle or as up-front as you'd like, just make sure the person carrying the message won't embarrass you. With this tactic, there's very little that can be misunderstood. You'll receive a text or you won't—either way, you'll know where your crush stands.


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