How to Get Kat's Makeup Look From Euphoria, According to a Makeup Artist

If you're a fan of HBO'Euphoria, we're willing to bet you watch it not only for the drama, but for the makeup.

Whether you're team Cassie or team Maddy, we can all agree every character absolutely kills in the beauty department. From Cassie's gorgeous locks to Kat's killer eyeshadow, we seriously want to copy every single look. We're especially obsessing over Kat's neon green and blue eyeshadow moment.

We had a chat with makeup artist and beauty influencer Nyane Lebajoa, and she gave us a step-by-step guide to getting Kat'exact eyeshadow look. Plus, Nyane just launched a collab with Morphe, and the products are perfect for creating Kat's makeup. Continue below to find out all about Nyane's tips.


Step 1

"Prep your face with your favorite moisturizer, primer and then foundation. After this you'd want to add some glow to your face, I would reach for my 'Fierce Fairytale' Palette ($30) and use either 'Fairytale' or 'Palesa' as a highlighter, and highlight your cheeks and tip of ur nose. This will give you that subtle but natural glow."


(via Morphe)


Step 2

"Now my favorite part—the eyes! My 'Fierce Fairytale' Palette is perfect for recreating this look due to the bold and vibrant colors used.

Using your Morphe x Nyane Vibrant Blends 6-Piece Eye Brush Set ($29) – FF4 Oval Shadow Fluff Brush, start off with a blue tone (Bar Le Duc) and brush over your eyelid, avoiding going too close to the brows. Then with a FF5 Small Chisel Detail Brush draw above the blue existing shadow with a bit of light green (She Bad – in the 'Fierce Fairytale' Palette ). This will make the transition into the yellow much softer.

Next you'll need to grab the FF3 Pointed Blender Brush and blend in your favorite yellow shade like (Boo & Bee or Gyoza)."


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Step 3

"In this step, it's about adding dimension and glow to your look, so in that case the 'Fierce Fairytale' Palette has many subtle and intense shimmery tones. My favorite and most suitable for recreating this look would be the golden color 'Shapeshifter.' You could also use 'Banj' depending on how light or dark your skin tone is. Softly brushing that over your bold eyeshadow look will give it that faint shimmer without taking away attention from the fierce and intense eye look."


(via Morphe)


Step 4

"Next you can focus on your mascara as well as eyebrows using your favorite products. For my brows, I usually go for the Morphe Arch Brow Kit ($20) in Java or Chocolate Mousse. Toning the eyebrows darker complements the bold eyeshadow look. For mascara, 'Make It Big Volumizing' Mascara ($12) by Morphe is by far a must-have in your makeup pouch. It's especially great for targeting the bottom lashes and elongating them without looking clumpy."


Step 5

"Lipstick time! My 'Fierce Fairytale' Palette has the perfect lipstick colors for recreating this look. The 'Pout Clout Lipstick Trio- Nearly Nude' ($20) boasts three full pigmented lipsticks to choose from. I would reach for Tau or Jia as both colors have an orangey summer undertone. You could even mix both lipsticks to achieve the perfect color to match your skin tone."


(via Morphe)


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