4 Ways to Get Over Your Insecurities

We all have insecurities, the things we dislike about ourselves that make us feel self-conscious—but you don't have to feel helpless to them.

Whether it's something about your physical appearance, your personality or anything else that makes you feel insecure, you can help yourself get over it, even if it takes a bit of time and practice. Ready to get started? Let's dive right into some ways to get over your insecurities:

1. Stop Fixating on Them

Fixating could be ruining your life without you even knowing it. If there's something that you dislike about yourself, that thing can become the sole focus of your anxiety and that can cause you to end up spiraling about it. You'll see it every time you look in the mirror or notice it every time you hang out with people, no matter what it is. While it takes some practice, you can stop fixating on these things that make you insecure—and when you do, you'll notice you had nothing to feel insecure about in the first place.

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2. List All Your Favorite Things About Yourself

Bury your negative thoughts about your insecurities with plenty of positive thoughts about things you have to feel good about. It could be something as simple as your hair, your eyes, your sense of humor or even your ability to talk to anyone. Whatever you love about yourself, make a list—even if it's just in your head. Think of these things every time you start to feel insecure, and you'll quickly make a new habit that gets you into a more confident mindset in general.

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3. Do What You Can to Become More Confident

Speaking of confidence, it really is key to getting over your insecurities. Even if you have anxiety, embracing a sense of self-confidence can infect your whole persona in the best of ways. It takes time and practice, but becoming more confident is absolutely possible even for the most insecure of people. It helps you stop fixating, love yourself more and, after a while, mostly forget about the thing you were so insecure about to begin with.


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4. Remember That Everyone Has Flaws, But That You Don't Have to Focus on Them

Human beings have flaws. It's that simple. However, whatever the thing you're insecure about might not even be a "flaw" to begin with! It's all about perspective, so put the negativity aside and embrace a more positive outlook on the things that make you unique. Once you do, you'll stop looking out for things that reconfirm your insecurities and will start finding things that make you glad to be who you are in the first place.

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