How to Get Over Post-Holiday Blues

Now that the holidays are officially over, it's on to bigger and better things!

However, if you find yourself in a post-holiday slump, just know that you're far from the only one. In fact, most of us feel a little blusey at the beginning of the New Year! If you find yourself missing the excitement that comes with the holidays, we have some ideas that can help. Look below for the best ways to get over post-holiday blues.


We're sure the absolute last thing you want to hear is that exercise will help, but it's the truth! Getting your heart rate up and a sweat going is without a doubt one of the best ways to stop signs of depression in its tracks. By moving your body every day, you're not only maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but you're also signaling to your brain that you're dealing with your stress.

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Hang Out With Friends

If you're feeling bluesy after the holidays, we suggest keeping your spirits up by hanging out with your friends. Whether you have a Netflix marathon, get your nails done or go to a yoga class, spending time with your besties is sure to put a smile on your face. The holidays are super stressful and by surrounding yourself with people you love, it will take that stress down a lot.


Get Outside Every Day

Feeling the sunshine on your face is another great way to get over post-holiday blues. Your body is probably in some major need of vitamin D, and the best and easiest way to do that is by spending time outside in the sun! Feeling a breeze in your hair and the sun warm up your body is key to feeling better. Whether you simply stand outside for a few minutes or go on a walk around the block, that's all you really need.


Plan a Family Dinner

During the holidays, we spend a lot of time with our families. So once the parties and celebrations are over, it may feel like you never see them anymore. That's why we think it's such a great idea to plan a family dinner. Invite your cousins, aunts, uncles—really anyone you see over the holidays! Tell everyone that you're having a potluck-style dinner and to bring over a dish of their choice. You'll love getting to see everyone again so soon after the holidays.



Getting a good night's sleep is probably one of the best things you can do for your body. It not only helps your body to recharge, but it also gives your mind a much-needed break. After the holidays, our bodies are typically pretty exhausted. From tons of social gatherings to talking non-stop and always keeping a smile on your face, it can get tiring! Be sure to give yourself enough hours in the night to rest. Eight hours is ideal!


Start Saving Money

Last but not least, it's time to start saving your money! Chances are, you spent more money than you would have preferred over the holidays, so now is the perfect time to see your bank account get back to a better place. It can be stressful logging into your bank account and seeing it basically depleted, so get rid of that stress and start saving up. Instead of getting a $6 drink from Starbucks every morning or shopping for a sale online, save that money!


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