How to Get the Attention of Your Crush

It's hard to have a crush on someone who you don't think notices you.

While there is no perfect way to get your crush's attention, there are a few things you can do to get on their radar, all while remaining true to yourself. So, if the advice from your friends isn't getting you where you want, here are some things you can try to ensure that they notice you.

1. Look Your Best

Appearances aren't everything, but we'd be lying if we said that it's not the thing people notice first, and it can be nice to spend a little extra time fixing yourself up. Make sure to always brush your teeth and hair to maintain good hygiene. If you're into makeup, try on a bold new look—but remember it's also not necessary if you feel beautiful without it. Make sure to get good sleep and take care of your skin so you look your healthiest, and you just might start turning the right heads.

Your appearance is not the most important thing

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2. Make Sure They See You Around

How is your crush going to ever notice you if they never see you? If you two share classes, try to make yourself seen by raising your hand and contributing to the overall discussion, or if you go to the same gym, consider saying hi if you stop by at the same time, just to get the idea of you in their heads. Of course, you don't want to go overboard with this. Do not stalk, or be overly aggressive, as that's a surefire way to make them not see you as a potential romantic interest.

Sit by them to make sure they notice you

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3. Befriend Their Friends

There are few better ways to regularly be in touch with your crush than to actually be friends with the people they regularly hang out with. If you're too nervous to talk to your crush, at first, try talking to their friends. If you already have mutual friends, maybe they can help you connect, but if not, see if you can strike up a conversation with their friends about something you have in common, like homework, sports or music. If you're feeling bold, you can even see if their friends will help set the two of you up, but if not, simply demonstrating that you're a good person might help put you in their good graces.

Get to know their friends

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4. Be Bold

If you are feeling extra confident on a given day, consider talking to your crush directly. Maybe make a joke or compliment them on something unique. Make sure whatever you say is memorable, so that they'll be thinking about you later. Also, consider asking them questions to get to know them. Great listeners will prosper.

Be bold if you feel like it

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5. Be Confident

Being confident in your own skin will show your cursh that you are happy with yourself and are able to be there for others. It not only shows how great you are on your own, but also how great you could be for someone else. Being confident is a great attribute to have, but just make sure to always be yourself.

and always be confident in who you are

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6. Stay in Touch

Want to be totally unforgettable to your crush? Then be sure to keep in touch. Anytime you see them, make sure to say hello, or at least give them a smile and a wave. Try to remember what you talk about each time you chat, so that you can continue conversations, as that's an excellent way to show you care and are listening. And if you feel like your crush is flirting with you definitely flirt back.

also, make sure to stay in touch

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