How to Get Your Hair Holiday Party-Ready

The holiday season is now in full swing, and that means that plenty of parties and gatherings are creeping up faster than you can say "Rudolph."

While you may have already nailed your holiday party outfits, you can't forget about an integral element of your overall look—your hair! While we're past the days of dealing with sweltering summer heat and humidity (and what all that can do to our strands), your hair can still use some help when it comes to being totally holiday party ready. Thankfully, we've got you covered with some tips, tricks and recommendations, below!

1. Moisturizing Isn't Just for Your Skin

In the winter, the dryer air might be great for keeping our heat-styled hair in good form, but it isn't always great for the health of that hair. Your strands are probably begging for some moisture to keep them from breaking and becoming over-dry, so give them what they want with an occasional moisturizing mask and use some leave-in conditioner every time you wash. We'd also recommend something like a leave-in heat styling lotion, like this one from Better Natured.


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2. Careful With the Chemicals

If you're loading up on products and trying to keep your style lasting all night long, you might want to slow it down. Yes, the right products can make a huge difference, but throwing too many in at a time (or not checking if the ingredients are actually good for your hair) can actually be causing more harm than good. Try sticking to a few that you know work well with your hair texture, and figure out how to create styles you love using those.


3. Have a Backup Look

If you spent all night straightening your hair the night of a holiday party only for it to get rained on on your way in, be sure to have a backup in play. Always keep a scrunchie or hair clip in your bag just in case, and figure out what works best for you in a pinch that still complements the rest of your look.



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4. Drop the Box Dye

While you may want to fix up your roots and refresh your color with a cheap solution from the supermarket right before your next holiday event, we can't stress enough how much damage you could do if you don't do things right. If you thought that box dye was a more affordable alternative to seeing a stylist, think again. Box dye can be super harsh and damaging, especially permanent colors that can cause something called "banding" in your strands. If you're really desperate to do something different with your locks, we'd recommend saving up and seeing a professional colorist before making any rash decisions (as you might find yourself needing to go to one later to fix your mistakes, and that will cost you way more).


5. Healthy Hair Is Always Best

We're not saying you need to surrender your hot tools forever, but you might to pay a little more attention to the damage you're doing to your hair and how you can work on getting it healthier while also getting it holiday party ready. Think about getting a trim (even if you're trying to grow it out), letting your hair air dry more often and swapping any elastic bands for scrunchies or phone-chord style ties. If you're really worried about the health of your hair, though, remember that sometimes it actually starts with what you're putting into your body rather than onto your strands. Make sure you're getting enough vitamins and protein, and consider adding a supplement that targets hair growth (like Viviscal, which you can grab at Target for $34).


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6. Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to try something new with your hair for a holiday party you have coming up, think about giving it a test run first to see how the style holds up and how it actually looks with the outfit you have planned. When in doubt, going with a subtle look that looks natural is always a safe bet, as it allows you to still shine and shouldn't take up too much of your time when you should be focusing on your Secret Santa gift or holiday recipe.


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