Tips and Tricks for Giving the Very Best Holiday Gifts

The holidays are arguably the most magical time of year—and they're rapidly approaching.

The last months of the year mean connecting with the family and friends you love most and celebrating with gratitude, reflection and kindness. Of course, the year's memories aren't the only thing you'll be wrapping up. Let's not forget about the stressful, yet gratifying and oh-so-fun, process of gift-giving.

Instead of relying on last-minute gifts, you should start planning the perfect presents now—and we have a few tips for becoming a great gift-giver in no time flat.

Pay Attention

This may seem obvious, but paying close attention to your giftees plays a crucial role in giving great gifts. This can be as simple as making a note anytime they mention something they need, noticing what they're drawn to when you go shopping together or considering their favorite activities. Getting them tickets to do something you'll both love together gives you the chance to hang out and make more memories. Plus, when someone receives a thoughtful present, they'll know you've been listening, and will definitely appreciate the effort you put in.

Pay attention to what people like, want or need

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Ask For Help

If you've gathered all the information you can, but you realize it's still not enough to make an informed decision, it's more than okay to ask for some guidance. No one expects you to be the perfect gift-giver right off the bat! Asking a sibling or parent for their dress size or a mutual friend to help you choose between silver and gold will help you nail the gift with help from the people who know them best.

Asking for help is beneficial

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Personalize It

Remember that you don't have to spend a bunch of money to make something a great gift. Personalized gifts can feel downright magical, while being inexpensive if you're doing the customization yourself. Try framing a picture of your favorite shared memory, customizing a cute tote bag, DIYing a homemade gift or putting your favorite inside joke on the wrapping paper. Personalizing does the act of giving more intentionally, and it's a fantastic way to show you care.

Personalize it to make it special

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Plan Ahead

While it can feel like procrastinating will make your life easier, it'll only cause more headache in the long run—especially if you leave things to the last minute and wind up competing with the holiday rush. Avoid disappointing someone with a gift with zero thought, and think ahead to avoid both scrambling and stress. The notes app on your phone can be a lifesaver. Start by listing the people you need to buy for, and any ideas you have for them, and you'll be well on your way to being ready!

Always plan ahead

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