How to Give Yourself a Spa-Worthy At-Home Facial

You don't have to go to the spa every week to pamper yourself with a dreamy facial.

In fact, these days, there are plenty of amazing brands helping us all perform high-quality, at-home facials, and one of our newest discoveries is Face Haus. They're best known for their "facial bars," offering amazing facials for less than $100 in under an hour, but they also have a selection of luxe, clean products that will let you get the full treatment without even leaving the house.

But how does one give themself a spa-worthy at-home facial? We got the chance to chat with Amanda Caldwell, an esthetician (or esthie, as they're lovingly referred to) at Face Haus at Target Dallas/Fort Worth, to find out.

The Benefits of an At-Home Facial

Amanda Caldwell: There is only so much an esthetician can do once a month in the treatment room, so the occasional at-home treatment can be very beneficial in keeping up results or furthering the results to meet your goal. It can also benefit your skin in the long run to have those extra steps in your at-home facial because you may not include every step in your daily home care routine.

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Setting the Mood

AC: You must start by setting up your at-home facial in a clean space that you feel relaxed in! It's best to do it in the evening, when you're not in a rush and can take your time for some self-care.


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What to Avoid

AC: It's best to avoid extractions, most tools and manual exfoliation. A lot of the time when doing treatments on yourself you may overdo it without realizing it. I do recommend avoiding these things because you could do more harm than good for your skin. Let your esthie take care of the more aggressive things, as they know what to look for and when to stop.


The Steps

Step 1:  Cleanse

Double cleanse, even. Ensure the day and anything you've put on your face is removed.

Step 2: Tone

Optional!  Not everyone likes to tone or has found that perfect toner, but it dampens the skin and preps it for the following step.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Chemical exfoliant! You should be exfoliating one to two times a week anyway, so it's best to do a treatment on a night you're already planning to exfoliate. Help the process of removing those dead skin cells and ensure your products are penetrating to the depth they should.

Step 4: Mask

Everyone loves a good at-home mask.  Find a mask that is targeted to your skin's needs, whether it's hydration or a clay mask for congested skin. Just be sure to avoid things that contain fragrance.

Step 5: Serums

Remember the lighter serums go on before the heavier ones.

Step 6: Hydrate

Hydate with your favorite moisturizer.


AC: Each step is critical because you're treating the skin and want to ensure all your products are maximized in their benefits.


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Recommended Products

1st Cleanse

AC: Face Haus The People's Wash Oil Cleanser: This is my go-to daily cleanser and an all-time favorite. It is a wonderful first cleanse because it removes makeup, dirt, excess oil and sunscreen with ease. It's non-irritating and fantastic for all skin types.

2nd Cleanse

If you don't want to be using the same cleanser for a double cleanse, go in with one that targets your concerns. Normal to dry skin, check out a milk cleanser (Face Haus The People's Wash Cleansing Milk), or for normal to oily or sensitive, try a gel cleanser (Face Haus The People's Wash Cleansing Gel).


If you want to make this step quick and easy, try a facial mist. The Optimist from Face Haus is extra hydrating and incredibly soothing.


Exfoliating is an important step to lift away dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities. Face Haus The Radical Reformer are pre-soaked pads of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid and phytic acid.


As I mentioned above, it's best to choose a mask targeted to your skin's type or skin concern as this is a treatment step.


My favorite serums are The Provider and The Rescue Worker from Face Haus. My skin flakes incredibly badly and these have helped so so much in my own at-home routine!

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Don't Make These Mistakes

AC: I think the biggest mistake people make in their at-home treatment is they overdo it or use things that aren't right for their skin. Your esthie can help you with an at-home skincare routine. Again, avoid physical exfoliants, because many people use them improperly and cause abrasions to their skin. Also avoid extractions—I know we all love them and I as an esthetician am guilty of doing them on myself when I shouldn't, but please learn from my mistakes. You may think you're good at it and you want the satisfaction of removing that blackhead or whitehead, but we use pressure that could be damaging. It's best to leave this one to the professionals.

Also avoid fragrance in products. You don't know what is in it to make up that specific label and it could be something harmful. Lastly, I also think people forget to have fun. It's not supposed to be stressful.


What Else to Know

AC: Your skin is unique to you. Use products that target your concerns and can help you reach the goals you have set. Ask your esthie questions. They won't mind! Treat yourself and have fun.

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