How to Gain More Followers on TikTok

These days, our lives seem to center around TikTok.

While Instagram and Snapchat will always have our backs, there's just something about the TikTok platform that we can not get enough of. And while we're pretty embarrassed to admit it, we've found ourselves scrolling for hours on end, watching funny videos. We're simply obsessed!

If you have a TikTok account and you're curious how to go viral, it's actually not that hard. Keep reading for some tips:


1. Post Every Day

Make sure you keep a consistent presence on TikTok by posting every single day. By doing this, the algorithms will allow your posts to pop up more often on the For You page, giving you more exposure.

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2. Engage With Other Accounts

It's so important to like and comment on other accounts. They'll be able to see that you're active on the app and will likely give you a like or even a follow. Look for people with similar pages as you, or just ones that you enjoy. Whether they're comedic, cooking-based, home improvement-focused or anything else, stick to your interests.


3. Try Out Popular Challenges

It seems like there's a new challenge on TikTok every single day. From funny pranks to cute dances to popular songs, there's a lot to choose from. If you need help selecting a challenge, go to your For You page for some inspo.

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4. Do Lots of Shoutouts

Build rapport with your followers and other members on TikTok by doing lots of shoutouts. It can even be as simple as mentioning them in a comment, or saying they're the one who inspired the video. If you can swing it, even ask one of your fave TikTokers to give you a shoutout for more exposure!


5. Use Hashtags

Other than the For You page, people will be able to find your videos by searching hashtags. For every video you upload, make sure to include relevant hashtags, and always include the For You hashtags. This way, people with similar interests will be able to find you.


6. Be Original

Last but not least, be original. No one likes a copycat, so by maintaining a sense of uniqueness, promoting authentic ideas that no one else has done, you'll be able to set yourself apart from the crowd. The next time you get a bit of inspiration, make sure you have your phone handy to catch the magic.

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