How to Properly Gua Sha, According to an Expert

If you've ever wondered what the point of a gua sha tool is, trust us when we say you are far from alone.

The devices are sleek in style and promise to contour and lift the face. But how do you use it? We spoke with Sarah Cheung, founder of SACHEU Beauty, and she gave us all the tea about what a gua sha is and how to use it! Just continue below to find out.

Sweety High: What is a gua sha tool?

Sarah Cheung: A gua sha tool comes from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). The practice of gua sha dates back to the Paleolithic Age.


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SH: What are the benefits of using a gua sha tool?

SC: In TCM, gua sha is used to reduce inflammation, pain and illnesses. In recent decades we've discovered its use for beauty as well! Consistent use of the gua sha can improve overall skin tone, glow, and enhance your natural contour.

gua sha sacheu beauty

(via SACHEU Beauty)


SH: How do you use a gua sha tool?

SC: In a scraping motion, start from the center of your face and scrape outwards. Use the small divot on the nose bridge, in between brows, and jawline and larger edges on cheeks and forehead.


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SH: What are the best gua sha tools?

SC: I believe the best gua sha tools are hygienic and sustainable. The SACHEU Beauty Gua Sha ($35) is made of 100% Stainless Steel, which is non-porous and 100% recyclable, making it a wonderful alternative to the traditional gua sha, which might be made with cheap or unethically mined stones.

gua sha sacheu beauty

(via SACHEU Beauty)


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SH: What oils or serums should we use with gua sha tools?

SC: Anything with sufficient slip! Typically a serum with a silicone or oil base will work best. The SACHEU Beauty Slick Skin ($22) is a great example of a silicone-based serum. It contains lecithin, fatty acids and other skin barrier-loving ingredients, which makes it perfect for a facial massage.

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(via SACHEU Beauty)


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