Everything You Must Do to Have the Best Prom

Prom is one of the biggest events of your high school experience.

But because this night comes paired with so many expectations, it's easy to feel a little let down by the dance.

If your excitement about prom can't be tamed, then you need to scroll below to get tips on how to make the most out of your night. Trust, if you follow this plan then you'll have a total ball at the big event!

Get a Big Group Together

The first step to having the best prom night ever is getting a big group together. All of your friends should show up for a pre-prom event, where you all can take pictures, eat apps and pile into a fancy ride together. This invite should also extend to those good classmates who aren't necessarily your inner circle, but who you still enjoy immensely. This is one of the last nights you'll all be together, so make it count by spending every moment as one big group.

Pretty Little Liars prom

(Pretty Little Liars via The CW)


Get Ready With Said 'Big Group'

Another activity you simply can't skip is getting ready with your girls. Rather than primping for the prom separately, make plans to meet at someone's house (preferably the person with the biggest bathroom and mirror space) or possibly even an affordable salon. If you can't shell out the cash for a full Prom Queen-level makeover, consider getting matching manis with your gang instead. This is a great way to share your prom memories with your besties from start to finish.


Forget About Prom Date Pressure

While movies and TV shows would like you to believe that the perfect prom date is of utmost importance on this dazzling night, it really isn't. Rather than stressing over who you'll go to prom with, consider your best friends a gaggle of really good dates. Once you let go of some of this pressure, you may even find that your ideal date asks you out after all. But even if they don't, or if your promposal is rejected, know that going stag to the dance has a multitude of benefits.

Mariana and Emma at prom

(The Fosters via Freeform)


Leave Drama at the Door

The only potential downside to taking a big group to prom is that there's a greater opportunity for drama. Try not to let these friendship spats or relationship issues stowaway in your party bus. Keep things as cordial as you can because drama is only going to put a damper on your night. Remember, this experience only comes once in a lifetime.


Find an Outfit for You

Another aspect of prom that carries a ton of pressure is the dress. For starters, spending tons of time and money on the perfect prom dress can be a total waste of time. But additionally, the typical prom style may not be your thing. Rather than forcing yourself to fit into an outfit that doesn't make you happy or comfortable, choose a wardrobe that's right for you. Forget about the pressure from your parents or the perceived societal importance and wear whatever you want.

Lady Bird picking out prom dress

(Lady Bird via A24)


Splurge on a Fancy Ride

Prom is a rare life experience, so this is a fine time to go all out and roll up in style. Split the cost of a limo or a big party bus amongst your friends and begin your prom experience early as you ride up to the dance. You'll have so much fun during this pre-party that it may even be the highlight of the night.


Have Post-Prom Plans

While the dance is the main event, you should definitely make the most out of the night by having some post-prom (parent-approved) plans. Whether you and your friends hit up your favorite all-night diner or you take a trip to the beach, consider this the final stretch of an amazing high school experience. You'll be way too pumped up from dancing to jams all night to simply go home when the lights come on.


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