How to Heal Your Nails After Ripping Off Your Gels or Acrylics

Gels, acrylics and dips can make your nails look so good—but if you've ever gotten impatient and ripped them off, we're sure you've noticed just how awful that is for your nails.

Of course, the best thing you can do is leave them alone and get them removed by a professional, but if you've already done the deed, you may be trying to figure out how to restore your nails to tip-top shape. We were wondering the same thing, so we reached out to Silva Nahabedian, director of education at Dazzle Dry, for her top tips. Keep reading to learn how to keep your nails as healthy as possible.

Sweety High: Why can peeling off gels and acrylics from nails be so damaging if not done properly?

Silva Nahabedian: The moment you peel your gel polish, acrylic, dips or any enhancement and start to peel it off your nails, it can be so tempting to aid it along by pulling it off. This is a massive no-no as it can cause irreversible damage to the natural nail plate. Do not peel or pick your polish off.

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SH: If we've damaged our nails after doing so, what are the next steps we can take to heal our nails?

SN: If you couldn't resist the urge to peel off your nail polish, therefore compromising the integrity of your nails, there are a few steps you could take to begin the rehabilitation process. First, don't give in to the temptation of getting enhancements put back on your nails. This is an excellent time to take what I call a "nailcation." This means keeping your nails free of any polish for four to six weeks as the damaged nails begin to grow out. During this time, keep your nails filed short to prevent breakage or snagging.


SH: What types of products do you recommend to restore nail health?

SN: The best thing you can do for your nails when they are "post-enhancement" is to moisturize the nail plate and surrounding skin with a bio-available oil designed to deliver nourishing ingredients. I recommend a magical oil from Dazzle Dry called Mend Oil that can transform damaged nails using a proprietary blend of essential oils, ceramides and phospholipids to restore proper hydration and create a protective barrier that seals in moisture.

Another cult favorite oil is the Mazz Hannah Cuticle Oil. This award-winning formula is a nourishing blend of organic jojoba, hempseed oils and vitamin E to promote optimal nail health and growth. Using either of these oils several times a day can restore the nails to their blemish-free condition.

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SH: What are the biggest no-nos during this period of dealing with damaged nails?

SN: During your nailcation, do not buff your nails, as this can thin them out and further weaken your already-compromised nails.


SH: For next time, what steps should we all take before removing gels and acrylics to keep our nails as healthy as possible?

SN: Leave enhancement removal to the professionals. There is a correct way to apply and remove artificial nail enhancements. When you attempt to conquer the removal process on your own, you risk compromising the integrity of your natural nail plate, therefore weakening them.


SH: Do you have any other recommendations?

SN: Once you have taken a nailcation for four to six weeks, this is a great time to resume with a nutrient-dense lacquer system such as Dazzle Dry. It air dries in five minutes and lasts up to two weeks on your nails when you follow the easy steps.

The four-step System includes Nail Prep, which cleanses the nail while preparing it for polish adhesion. This magical step delivers strengthening nutrients such as pro-vitamin B5, calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Step No. 2 in the system is the base coat, which contains flexible rubbery polymers that allow your natural nail to expand and contract with water absorption, preventing premature peeling and chipping. Step  No. 3 is the lacquer which comes in over 150 gorgeous colors. Step No. 4 is the topcoat, which seals everything in and gives you a brilliant high gloss shine. The fifth component in the System is Revive, which will reconstitute the fluidity of your lacquer and top coat when they get thick and bubbly.

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