How to Help Your Friends Feel More Confident

Confidence is one of those things that most of us assume people are just born with, but reality has shown that that's far from true.

Confidence can be crafted through hard work (and even a touch of delusion until you get used to the feeling of "being" confident), but trying to get someone else to feel confident? Now that can be even more difficult. Many of us have a friend that just can't seem to stop putting themselves down, or even one who has downright said "I need to be more confident" before. But how do you actually help them see themselves in the amazing way that you see them and inspire some confidence along the way? We've got some tips.

1. Give Them Genuine Compliments

The saying "words are cheap" isn't said for nothing, but compliments truly can mean a lot when they come from a truly genuine place. That means letting your friend know when they look really amazing, or even complimenting the way their eyes look when the light hits them. Super specific compliments are the way to go here, as they'll feel more real to the person receiving them and less like you're just trying to make them feel better about themselves (even if that is completely what you're trying to do).


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2. Let Them Know When Other People Are Noticing Them in a Positive Way

This could be anything from physical (letting them know that the guy/girl who's their type across the hall was totally checking them out) to internal (a mutual friend raving about how intelligent/funny they are) features, so long as it's the truth and so long as they actually hear you. Hearing other people speak positively about you can make you feel so much better about yourself, so don't hold back when you've been hearing/seeing other people compliment your friend.


3. Lead By Example

Some people don't want to hear straight-up advice on how to be more confident, but they might take note if they hear someone relaying a personal story that they can relate to. It could be as simple as saying something like "I wasn't always this confident, I swear it's only because I started to not care what other people think anymore" or calling yourself out for slouching instead of standing straight.


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4. Be Strong About Eye Contact

People who aren't very confident tend to avoid eye contact without even noticing it, which is why you shouldn't let them get away with it when talking to you. Don't be weird about it (like straight up staring at them without blinking or asking them why they never look people in the eyes), but do try to be an active listener when they're talking so you can slowly show them how to break the bad habit of not making eye contact. Trust us, this can be bigger for someone's confidence than you might think.


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5. Just Be Honest

Don't go out there giving unsolicited advice, but if your friend does end up asking you for help on being more confident, give them your honest opinion and some helpful tips (maybe like the ones you learned here, for example). Be kind, be gentle and be genuine, and you just might start to notice a difference.


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