Pro Tips for Hosting the Best-Ever Friendsgiving

While there's plenty to love about actual Thanksgiving, we can't help but find ourselves getting more and more excited each year for a certain…unofficial, yet related, holiday.

We're talking, of course, about Friendsgiving! This celebration falls on no particular day and involves most of the same festive fun (and food) of Thanksgiving, only it's held with friends rather than family. Typically held before Thanksgiving (anytime in November will suffice, really), Friendsgiving includes all the best parts about regular old Turkey Day minus any of the family drama or awkwardness. Need we say more?

If you're already convinced that you should host one of your own this year, you're already on the right path. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you have the best ever Friendsgiving this year, which is why we're here to help you out with some pro hosting tips to set you up for success.

1. Make It a Potluck

While regular Thanksgiving usually involves the host doing most of the hard work in terms of the food preparation, Friendsgiving can be done differently. Most will be potluck style, which means that each person will bring their own dish to create a full feast (and ensure that there's definitely enough food for everyone). Not only does this save you time, money and effort on food prep, but it also gives guests a chance to flex their culinary capabilities and let you all try tons of different dishes, making it a total win-win if you ask us.


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2. Consider Choosing a Theme

If you think you might be tired of chowing down on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the other classic Thanksgiving dishes by the time the actual day rolls around, you might want to consider going a different route for your own Friendsgiving feast. Of course, you could still run with the classics, or you could try something a little more out of the box. Here are a few theme ideas for you to chew on:

  • Brunch
  • Taco night
  • Italian
  • Global cuisine (everyone chooses a different country)
  • Colors (everyone chooses a different color and brings a food in that color)
  • Foods that start with the letter of their name
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Boards (cheese board, appetizer board, etc.)


3. Set the Mood

Now, to the details. To host a truly memorable Friendsgiving, you'll want to set the scene up with a little bit of strategy in mind. Sure, you'll want to plan for the essentials to be covered (ample seating, tables, plates and silverware), but you also want to make sure that this stands out from your basic dinner night with friends. Consider purchasing a cute banner that's great for photo ops, creating the perfect playlist in advance, picking out the right decorations and maybe even grabbing some small party favors for your guests if you want to really impress.


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4. Prepare Some Games/Activities

Speaking of impressing your guests, the best way to do so is all about creating a night (or day, you're the host so the timing is all up to you) they'll never forget. One easy way to do that? Keep the conversation flowing as easily as the food. Having some games and activities prepared in advance can help prevent awkward silences and get everyone talking, even if they didn't know each other. It doesn't need to be anything difficult (in fact, we'd recommend staying far away from complicated card games or board games with far too many rules to follow), but simply something to add a little fun to an already action-packed night.


Now that you know some pro tips for hosting the best ever Friendsgiving, you'll want to make sure you dress to impress too, right? For a little help with that, simply click HERE to check out our list of ideas for what to wear to all of your Friendsgiving parties this year.