The Lazy Girl's Guide to Keeping a Beauty Counter Clean

You want a nice organized beauty counter, it's true—but for some reason it always looks like a disaster zone. Sound familiar?

Well, you're in luck, because we've compiled the lazy girl's guide to keeping your beauty counter clean and tidy. Not only will you save time by being able to get ready faster, getting organized will ultimately make you more relaxed and zen at school and at home.

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Toss Anything Old or Expired

In order to get organized, you've got to edit, edit, edit! Out with the old and anything that you haven't used in awhile. If you've had any products for over a year, those should be the first to go. Then, comb through the remaining items and toss anything that you don't use often or ever. It's pointless to hold on to things "for that special moment or theme party" when, in actuality, you'll probably never ever use it.


Keep Skincare and Cosmetics Separate

Make it clear which areas are designated for skincare, hair and your cosmetics. It usually makes the most sense to keep your skincare in the medicine cabinet if you have one, and if not, on the counter next to your sink so you can access them easily morning and night while you're getting ready for bed.

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Use Clear, Acrylic Organizers

Clear, acrylic organizers are a cluttered girl's secret weapon. These allow you to create vertical space which is perfect for small counter tops and also allows you to see everything so you know where it all is. We suggest using clear, acrylic organizers for your makeup, dividing them by category for easy access.

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Use Drawer Dividers

Like a clear acrylic organizer, a drawer divider is an amazing way to keep your drawers looking good, while making it just as easy as throwing things randomly into a drawer. Take a look at the size and shape of things you keep in your drawer, and get a divider that reflects the spacing you need. That way, you can easily grab hair ties, bobby pins or toothpaste, and each item has a nice little home.

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Organize by Step

For skincare, it usually makes the most sense to organize your skincare by step. That way, you literally just move down the product line when getting ready in the morning or at night. This takes all of the guesswork out of it and makes it super simple, especially if you haven't had your morning cup of joe yet.


Make Most Used Makeup the Most Accessible

When organizing your makeup, or anything on your beauty counter, make the items you reach for the most, the most accessible. That way, you won't have to dig through things you rarely use in order to find what you're looking for. You can even keep your everyday makeup in a small bag and leave the rest in your clear organizers for days that you have more time to spend on glam.


Put Your Products Away Right After Use

We know it's easy to use and toss something when you're in a rush, but the more you break the habit and take two extra seconds to put each item away, the better you will feel. Getting organized with compartments and dividers helps you stay organized more easily, but it's really up to you to be diligent when you're getting ready to put things back in the homes you've created for them.

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Wipe Everything Down Monthly

Keep your products clean, sanitary and dust-free by wiping them down monthly with antibacterial towelettes. It's also nice to wipe down your mirror, too, to get rid of any water splash spots or toothpaste that seems to find its way onto everything.


And speaking of beauty habits, HERE are a few you should adopt now—your older self will thank you!