4 Foolproof Ways I Get My Lipstick to Stay On All Day

There are few makeup mishaps worse than splotchy remains of lipstick on your puckers after a long day.

I can't tell you how many times I've left the house feeling like a million bucks with a bold lip, only to eat dinner and not realize much of my lip shade disappeared along with the food on my plate.

Girl applying a deep shade of red lipstick

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I've gone on my merry way without thinking much of it, until I get home and see one faint line around my lips remaining. Yikes!

Following years of mishaps, I finally learned how to keep my lip game in check, once and for all! Keep reading for four foolproof ways I get my lipstick to stay on all day.


1. Prime the Lips With Concealer

Just as you would treat your eyelids, plop a few dabs of heavy-duty concealer (or the leftovers from an applicator sponge) on those lips. Let the formula dry, and then apply your lipstick as usual. This should prime the color and help it stay on longer.

Face with full face of concealer and foundation


2. Set the Lips With Setting Powder

This can be done in addition to No. 1. After you apply your lip color, apply a light layer of translucent setting powder to your lips as you would other parts of your face. This should keep the color in place.


3. Use Lip Liner as Lipstick, Too

Lip liner is obviously great for giving your colored lips a more dramatic effect that makes the look come together, but additionally, liner typically has better staying power than standard lipstick. Why not line the lip and then fill in the rest with that same liner, too? It'll give you a long-lasting matte look.



4. Use Lip Stain!!!

Ultimately, if you really want your lip color to stay on for good, lip stain is the way to go. They don't call it that for nothing—it really does (temporarily) stain your lips. Lip stains may intimidate you at first (they can get pretty messy and seem difficult to apply), but play around with them and you'll find your way. In fact, we've put together a little how-to for you HERE.


Now that you've got your application down, HERE are the lip colors you absolutely need in your beauty arsenal!