How to Know If Your Aquarius Crush Likes You Back

If you're crushing hard on an Aquarius (born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18), chances are that you already know they're one of the most mystifying signs of the zodiac, and their behavior can be pretty tricky to decode.

Aquarians tend to be more analytical than emotional, so when it comes to romance, they don't always wear their hearts on their sleeves. They're known for being both overly flirtatious and aloof, giving off a distant or even cold vibe that would leave anyone guessing. Of course, that doesn't mean it's impossible. In fact, there are a few telltale signs that an Aquarius likes you back, and you can find them in the list below.

You're Their Best Friend—and More

Aquarians are social creatures who prefer to spend their time with people they can share deep bonds with, and it's unlikely for them to develop romantic feelings for someone they don't also genuinely like as a human being and friend. They're not usually lovey-dovey or overly emotional, making strong friendships the basis for something more. Of course, being best friends won'always mean they like like you, but if you've always felt like there was an effortless rapport between the two of you, that does make it more likely.

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They Include You in Everything

Unless they're very much the loner type of Aquarius, chances are that your Aquarius crush spends as much free time as possible in a group with the people they appreciate most. It might seem like a let-down if they prefer to hang out with them than one-on-one with you, but if they invite you into the group and work to make you feel included, that's just as good for this sign. They see you as worthy and an equal, and they want you around more often. Bonus points if they're also open to an invitation to your friend group, as this establishes a big leap for the sometimes rigid sign. It's not a gesture to be taken lightly.


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They Share All of Their Ideas With You

Aquarius tends to be passionate about ideas and innovation more than actual romance, and they're more likely to show interest by sharing intellectual insights than physical gestures like hugs. It can seem like Aquarius is an endless idea machine, but they won't be open to divulging them to just anyone. If they like you, they'll welcome you to hear all of those ideas as well as expand on them—or even combat them—with their full trust.

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They Enjoy Philosophical Debates With You

And speaking of combatting ideas, Aquarius loves a good debate, and if you can give that to them, and they keep coming back for more, that can be a good sign of their feelings for you. This is especially true when your arguments feel productive and respectful, despite your different points of view. If you feel like you've both been growing as you share your opinions and agree to disagree, you just might have won your way into Aquarius's heart.


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You're Part of Their Future Plans

Aquarians are planners who tend to live more in the future than they do in the now, and while this can make it difficult to get on the same page as them, it can give you a better idea of where they see themselves in the world. If they talk about the future and you're a part of it, that's a pretty big deal. They see you as an important part of their life and even as someone who can help them take their own dreams to the next level.

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They Take You on Unusual Outings

This won't always apply, but there is a chance that Aquarius has already taken you out on something they considered a "date," and you wouldn't even know it. They're not too keen on the overplayed classic ideas, such as dinner and a movie, sunset picnics or walks on the beach, and instead prefer things like unusual museums, doing charity work together or comic book or album shopping. Even if this isn't the case, chances are that they enjoy the time they spend with you doing unusual things, and that's always a good sign.


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