How to Know If Your Pisces Crush Likes You Back

If you can't stop thinking about a special Pisces (born between Feb. 19 and March 20), you may be getting some mixed signals from them that can be tough to interpret.

On the one hand, this sensitive, emotional sign of the zodiac may wear their heart fully on their sleeve and show you precisely how they feel. On the other, they may feel extra guarded, protecting themself because they don't want to get hurt. Either way, there are a few telltale signs of a Pisces' romantic interest, and we've gathered them for you in the list below.

They're Extremely Giving With You

Pisces are consistently pretty generous and kind, but your Pisces crush will likely up the ante with the lengths they're willing to go for you if they're interested in you romantically. Pisces will often view themselves as burdens, and so they want to be as helpful as possible to alleviate that sense, stepping in to aid you or lend their support in any way possible. Just be careful not to take advantage of their giving nature, as they can sometimes be overeager to give up their own wants and needs in other to make others happy.

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They're Open With Their Emotions Around You

If there's one sign of the zodiac characterized by their emotions, it's Pisces, but just being they're constantly dealing with a lot of strong feelings doesn't mean they'll share them with just anybody. When a Pisces is close to you and trusts you, they'll become more open with you, including you in the conversation when it comes to their emotional experience of the world. This can be a lot for some, resulting in a response that makes Pisces shut right down again, but as long as you simply listen and keep an open mind, they'll truly appreciate it.


They Stop Being So Shy

Overthinking Pisces can be quite shy, retreating to their inner world when things get difficult, and assuming that others think the worst of them. It's a special thing to make a Pisces feel special and wanted and help them come out of their shell. You'll find that an introverted Pisces can actually be quite bubbly and talkative in the right company and given the right topic of conversation. If you see that shift, that's a sure sign that you share a tight bond and they're extremely comfortable with you.

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They Seem to Always Be Around

Pisces is not a sign of ulterior motives, and if they decide to spend a lot of time with you, it's because they genuinely like your company. Chances are that they feel recharged after hanging out with you and that some of the strongest connections that the two of you create are in the small moments of kindness that others wouldn't even notice. They're unlikely to create a big deal about hanging out one-on-one, and would rather keep things relaxed, waiting on you to take the next step or make your intentions clear.


Or They're Dodgy and Extra Careful

On the other hand, if Pisces is struggling to know how you feel about them, they might actually try to put some distance between the two of you. They can tend to question themselves, deciding that they're better off not knowing whether you like them back, or fearing that if you knew how they felt, it would irreparably damage the friendship. If you think this might be the case, you may want to start dropping some stronger hints—or telling them directly that you care about them.


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They Put You on a Pedestal

In Pisces relationships, there's a danger that they'll put you on a pedestal and create an imbalance in the dynamic. When they like someone, they can go well beyond simply embracing their flaws, beginning to see them as infallible. If they've been treating you like you're perfect, it may be because of their strong feelings for you. If things do progress to a relationship, it's important that you discuss this early and openly, and nip that in the bud before it causes some bigger problems down the line.

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