How to Know If Your Taurus Crush Likes You Back

If you're drawn to level-headed go-getters who simply don't back down, we bet you're here because you're crushing hard on a Taurus.

Tauruses (born between April 20 and May 20) are known for being hard-working, dependable and incredibly stubborn, but with their more reserved approach to love, they won't necessarily show their true romantic feelings right away. Figuring them out isn't always easy, so if you're wondering whether your Taurus crush reciprocates your feelings, keep reading to discover some of the telltale signs.

They Make It a Point to Be Around You

Steady Taurus isn't exactly an impulsive sign, they're not ones to rush into a relationship or blurt out their feelings for you without really getting to know you first. Before diving into anything, they want to be sure, so they'll make plenty of time to be around you as often and consistently as possible (within their busy schedules, of course). They're not so much testing you as simply being their patient selves, as they want to build something stable and reliable with a person, human-to-human, as a foundation before building a romantic relationship.

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You Talk About Anything and Everything Together

Taurus is a pretty clever and thoughtful sign, and they love sharing deep discussions that stimulate them intellectually. If they engage in these kinds of conversations with you, you can bet that they value their time chatting with you and find you quite insightful yourself. In these relationships, very few topics are off the table, and you'll find that the deeper you both go and the more honest you both get, that the stronger of a connection you'll form.


They Make You Part of Their Experiences

Taurus is a very sensual sign, loving to indulge in experiences of the senses of stunning sights, fragrant scents, decadent tastes, beautiful sounds and lovely textures. They're also natural-born sharers, and if they care about you deeply, they'll want you to partake in these things right along with them. Whether it's sharing a tasty meal or dessert or visiting a museum or theater together, if they're there, they'll want you to be there with them.

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You Don't Have to Question Their Loyalty

There's a good reason Taureans are known for their loyalty, and if one is committed to you, you'll probably know it. That kind of deep care and dedication can be felt, and it's likely that they frequently demonstrate it to you in a tangible way. If they're extra supportive and attentive with you, that's a great sign.


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They're Touchy-Feely With You

If there's one sign known for having physical touch as their love language, it's Taurus. They connect with people through touch, without even thinking about it, and the more they like you, the more they'll look for excuses to get closer to you through those methods, whether it's touching your arm when you're talking or cradling your back when they let themself by. They're also not the types to shy away from asking for hugs!

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They Try to Keep You Secure

Of all of the signs of the zodiac, Taurus values security and safety over all others, and a Taurus will go out of their way to protect their romantic interest from harm. They might come to your defense or work to protect you from physical dangers or even unkind words. Sometimes, they can even be a bit overbearing, so be sure to set boundaries with them to ensure that they're not actually getting in your way.


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They Treat You Thoughtfully

Tauruses are some of the best gift-givers around because they pay close attention and want to make you feel appreciated and comfortable with nice things they think you'll enjoy. An interested Taurus will perform acts of kindness, share small gestures and treat you anytime they can, or share little things just to let you know they were thinking of you. Does your crush already know about all of your favorite foods? They just might be crushing right back.

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