How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Phone Number

Getting your phone number blocked is never fun.

While it's virtually impossible to find out if someone has truly blocked your digits (outside of asking them, that is), there are some signs that could indicate a contact has no interest in hearing from you.

Scroll down to learn how to know if someone blocked your phone number.

iMessages Won't Say 'Delivered'

If you have an iPhone and are trying to determine whether another pal with an iPhone has blocked you, there isn't exactly a surefire way to find out. There are, however, some indicative signs to look out for. For example, while you can still use iMessage to text your former contact, they'll never receive the message or any notification of a text received in their Messages app. On your end, this means you'll never see a "delivered" notification underneath the message you sent.

Sending a Text Message
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SMS Texts Don't Go Through Either

Here's another tip for iPhone users: Enable SMS texts on your device. This way, if and when iMessages don't go through, your phone will resend the message using your data plan. You'll know you've sent an SMS when the usually blue bubble has turned green. If your SMS messages also don't receive a reply or a delivery confirmation, take it as another sign that you've been blocked. Just be careful not to resort to this method too often, because depending on your data plan, sending SMS texts can result in an expensive phone bill.


The Phone Won't Really Ring

Another way iPhone users can tell they've been blocked is if they place a call to the person who blocked them and the phone rings very briefly (we're talking less than one ring) before going straight to voicemail. However, don't jump to conclusions and automatically think you've been blocked if this happens to you. A short ring before going to voicemail could mean the person you're trying to call simply has his or her phone turned off, has poor reception or set their phone to automatically send all calls to voicemail. This method generally works for other phones, too.

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Call Your Contact From a Different Number

If you suspect your number has been blocked, but aren't entirely sure, it's time to get a little creative. By that, we mean calling your contact from another number, such as a landline or a friend's phone. If that call is either picked by your contact or you can hear more than one ring before going to voicemail, chances are your number is blocked.


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