How to Let Your Camp Crush Know You're Interested

Summer is here, which means a summer fling likely isn't too far behind!

If you're headed to camp in the next few weeks, there's a strong chance you might end up developing a summer crush. Letting your camp crush know that you're interested can be a tricky game, but it's definitely one worth playing.

Scroll down for tips on how to let the guy or gal your camp crush know you're totally into them!

Let Them Know You're Available

Got a crush at camp that you'd like to see potentially turn into a summer romance? The first thing you need to do is let them know you're available so that there are no mixed signals down the road. While how you choose to declare your availability is up to you (you can be bold and tell them outright, subtly hint at it, or do just about anything in between), letting them know you're single and ready to mingle is a critical first step.

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Drop Hints in Conversations

Once you're confident that your crush knows you're unattached, it's time to casually let them know you're interested. One of the best ways to do this is by dropping hints in conversation— compliment their outfit or mention how their skills led the camp soccer team to victory. In addition to dropping hints about your fondness for them, it's also crucial that you listen to your crush. This way you can learn a bit more about their interests, likes and dislikes. This is a great way to build a foundation for any new relationship, even if you ultimately end up just becoming friends.


Get to Know Your Crush's Camp Friends

Speaking of friends, another way to let your camp crush know you're interested is by getting tight with their pals. If you're able to develop relationships with some of them, that means you'll likely be spending more and more time in your crush's orbit. Try spending evening activities with this group if you can. If you're lucky, that might even include a dance or two, which could help you gauge whether or not your crush is into you, too. Though there's no guarantee your crush will notice the extra effort you're making, it's safe to assume they'll catch on eventually.

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Find Ways to Spend More Time Together

Though you and your crush will likely get more face-to-face time together as you have conversations with one another and get to know their friends, it can't hurt to find additional ways to spend time together. Is your crush taking part in the summer play? Sign up to be part of the team that helps create the costumes and sets. Does your crush play on the camp baseball team? Cheer them on from the sidelines, or volunteer to hand out water to the players on a hot day. While it might not seem like it, these are great ways to learn a bit more about your crush and see how they behave in various circumstances.


Join One of Their Activities

If you're done being subtle and really want your crush to take a hint, go ahead and join one of their activities. This is the best way to get some one-on-one time with the object of your affection in an organic manner. Use this opportunity to talk to your crush, learn more about them, and if you feel comfortable enough, tell them how you really feel.

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