5 Ways to Look and Feel More Comfortable in Your Selfies

Now that we live in a world where many of us can't remember the days before phones had front-facing cameras, we are officially the generation of selfies.

Whether you're snapping for friends, your crush or even just for yourself on a day you know you look your best, selfies can be fun and even confidence-boosting when done right.

We don't all naturally have the selfie skills of Kim K, though, and many of us even feel rather awkward while taking them. That's totally normal, and you don't need to feel like that forever! All it takes is feeling comfortable—which translates to looking comfortable, too. If you're sitting there thinking, "Okay, easier said than done," don't worry. We'd never leave you without a solid set of tips and tricks, so with that said, here are some ways to look and feel more comfortable in your selfies:

1. Find a Signature Pose

Don't go too wild with your angles, but find a position that your face naturally falls into that feels good when you enact. You can practice in the mirror or, more effectively, in front of your front-facing camera, but figure out which way to hold your face in a selfie to highlight your favorite features. For example: If you have a great jawline, try pushing your hair (if long) over one shoulder and holding your chin slightly down and to one side. Try out some soft smiles as well as smiling with your teeth until you've learned your preferred angles for the finished product.

Unsplash: Man taking selfie with peace sign

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2. Extend Your Head Away From Your Neck

We've all fallen victim to the dreaded no-neck selfie before, but this trick will help you avoid it for good so you can look and feel more comfortable, relaxed and naturally gorgeous. Don't stretch your neck out like a giraffe, but do extend enough to create a longer-looking neck and sharper jawline.


3. Relax Your Face, Especially Your Mouth

The smile (or pout, if you're going the non-smiling selfie route) is one of the key elements of your selfie, and also where you're most likely to look uncomfortable if you're feeling uncomfortable. Try to truly relax your face and smile like you would in conversation with your friends. If you need to, you can exhale slightly through your lips before you press the button to take the picture to force yourself to look more relaxed.

Unsplash: Woman taking vibrant beach selfie

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4. Perfect Your Personal 'Smize'

The term popularized by Tyra Banks back in the America's Next Top Model days still holds its weight, especially when it comes to selfies. A combination of "smile" and "eyes," the term refers to, well, smiling with your eyes. That way, even if you're going for a more subtle smile, your eyes do all the hard work and create a piercing effect for whoever is lucky enough to view the finished product.


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5. Don't Rely on Filters or Editing Apps

And finally, we urge you not to rely on filters or editing apps when it comes to your selfies. Not only can this create an unhealthy fixation on things that you might not love about your appearance (which we all have, by the way), but it also changes your perception of how you look without the use of these things. You're gorgeous without them, and using them all the time will make you feel uncomfortable taking a selfie without them (so save yourself the trouble and just avoid them in the first place).

Unsplash: woman in beanie taking selfie in the woods

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And, of course, once you master the art of looking and feeling comfortable in your selfies, it's time to actually post them! Your Instagram story is always one of the best places for posting, and adding the right song just gives it the perfect extra touch. Need some inspiration? Click HERE for our list of the best 2023 song to add to your Instagram story selfie.