5 Little Things You Can Do to Make Someone's Day

Have you ever been living your life and suddenly heard or seen something that made your day?

It's a great feeling, whether you were having a pretty normal day prior or the worst day imaginable. The only thing that might feel even better, though, is doing the same for someone else. The best part about it? It can be done with the smallest of actions! With that said, here are some little things you can do to make someone's day.

1. Give a Genuine Compliment

Sure, you could tell someone that they look nice just to make them feel a little bit better, but what feels really good is getting a compliment that feels totally personal and genuine. It's easy to do, too, since all you have to do is say the first positive thing that comes to your mind when you see them. Do you love the earrings they're wearing? Say it. Do they have incredible skin? Say it (okay, maybe not to a stranger, but this one can go far with a friend). Are they just really, really funny? You know what to do.


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2. Let Someone Cut in Front of You in Line

If you're somewhere like the grocery store and the person behind you only has a few items, or even somewhere like Starbucks but you're just really not in a rush, letting someone go ahead of you could make all the difference in their day. Remember: it costs nothing to be kind.


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3. Send a Friend Money for a Coffee

If you know your friend is having a bad day or that they have a big test or other challenge coming up, send them a few bucks over Venmo or another cash app with a note that says something along the lines of "go get yourself a coffee" or "treat yourself." This one might not be as cost-free as the other things on this list, but it can really turn someone's day around when it comes out of the blue.

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4. Write a Card

If you don't have a couple of dollars to send for a coffee, write your thoughts down instead and leave your friend an unexpected card. Pro tip: buy a bunch of blank cards from the dollar store so you have them ready to do whenever you need to make someone's day on the fly.


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5. Make Them Laugh

Laughter might just be one of the greatest cures there is, whether it be for heartbreak or just a bad day. It might just be the simplest way to make someone's day, even if you wouldn't necessarily call yourself the funniest friend in your group.

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So, whether it be a friend, your partner or even just a stranger on the street, there are plenty of little things you can do to make someone's day just a little bit brighter. Plus, there are plenty of other reasons to give out compliments like candy on Halloween—just click HERE to read about how giving compliments is the best way to make new friends.