How to Make Your Space Feel Like a Winter Wonderland

Not feeling the holiday spirit so strongly this year? Not to worry.

The older you get, the harder it can feel to get as excited as you used to about the holidays, but that doesn't mean you're completely out of hope for having the ultimate holly jolly season. In fact, the key to helping you feel almost as excited about Christmas as Buddy the Elf himself might just be your décor. After all, how are you supposed to feel like it's Christmas if there isn't an ornament or snowman in sight? If you're ready to make your space feel like a total winter wonderland and improve your holiday spirit while you're at it, try some of these small tricks:

1. Add Some Twinkle

Some simple lighting changes can make all the difference, especially when trying to make your space feel more like a cold-weather paradise. For the winter wonderland feel, go with some fairy lights (or just straight-up indoor Christmas lights, basically the same thing) hung up wherever you can fit them.

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2. Don't Forget the Tree

Even in small spaces like a dorm, bedroom or studio apartment, having a Christmas tree can really remind you of your holiday spirit. It doesn't have to be extravagant, either, as a simple, small tree will do so long as you can tell it isn't just a plant that you tend to leave out all year long.

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3. No Fireplace? No Problem

You might not be able to roast any chestnuts this way, but adding in some Christmassy scented candles that you keep lit when you're home is always a great idea.

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4. Pick an Aesthetic

Do you love the clean lines and monochromatic nature of a winter white bedroom, or do you prefer the wholesome and electric nature of a traditionally decorated space? However you choose to deck the halls at your home, you can make things feel more cohesive if you choose an aesthetic before you jump into your decorating journey.

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5. Go Ahead, Play Some Christmas Music

It feels like people just love to hate on Christmas music each year when it starts coming on the airways, but there's a reason it's as popular as it is. Tune out the haters make your space feel magical by playing some holiday music you actually enjoy listening to when you're home.

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