How to Master a Long-Distance Relationship

Whether you and your partner are going off to colleges in different states, your parents are moving you halfway across the country or any other reason is about to cause distance between you and the person you're dating, you're probably stressed about being in a long-distance relationship.

LDRs aren'for everyone, but some people can make them work successfully. Think you might be one of the couples that can last for the long run, even with hundreds or thousands of miles between you? Here are some tips on how to master a long-distance relationship.

1. Schedule Your Time to See Them

In a long-distance relationship, both people are living completely independent lives. That means that schedules can get convoluted, life can get busy and seeing each other isn't as easy as just FaceTiming them whenever you're bored. That's why scheduling time to see your partner, whether that be an in-person trip that takes some major planning or simply penciling in a time for a facetime or phone call, is so important. That way, you can both prioritize the things you have going on in your life as well as your relationship, all without letting one take place over the other.


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2. Set Healthy Boundaries

Are you comfortable with your partner calling you every single day, even when you're busy? If not, tell them. Do you dislike it when they hang out with a certain person who lives where they do that you suspect has a crush on them? Tell them! Communication is key to mastering a long-distance relationship, even if you don't always get the answer that you want in return. Set your boundaries (healthy ones, that is) and respect the ones that your partner sets right back, or suffer a relationship that might just go straight south.


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3. Have an End Date/Goal to End the Distance

At the end of the day, long-distance relationships simply can'last forever. At some point in time, the two of you need to either be in the same place permanently or—even if you don't want to think about it—the relationship will have to expire. Essentially, either the distance expires eventually or the relationship does, it's that simple. What's not always so simple, though, is figuring out the trajectory of your life and where that life will be in the future when you're still so young. However, you can try your best to discuss the future with your partner, in particular, where they see the two of you once whatever situation has you separated can potentially end (for example, after graduation).


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4. Don't Forget to Live Your Life

Finally, don'be that person whose entire personality is their relationship. You'll forget to live your life in the place you're at, even if it isn't where you'll stay forever. Whether you're studying abroad and spend every night on a call with your partner back home instead of actually enjoying the city you're traveling in or just can't let yourself meet new people in your new city because you're always discussing how life is back home, stop. Enjoy life and embrace change, you might just find that your relationship isn't worth the effort anyway. We're not saying that you need to break up with your LDR partner, but if the relationship is standing between you and the life you've always wanted, you might want to take a deep look at things before making your next move.


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