How to Keep Yourself Motivated to do Homework Amid Coronavirus

These days, school is pretty weird.

Due to Covid-19, students all over have been forced to undergo virtual learning. Some get to go into the classroom full-time, others go in part-time, and then there are the few who don't get to go in at all.

If you've found it harder than normal to focus on your studies, you are not alone! Keep reading for how to keep yourself motivated to do homework amid Coronavirus.

Give Yourself Incentives

We do a lot of things in life knowing that there's an incentive waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. If you work out, your incentive might be a dessert or a toned belly. If you get to bed early, your incentive is probably more time to sleep! The same can be done for studying or doing homework. Create a system that works for you. You can reward yourself with 10 minutes of TV time, a chocolate, FaceTiming a friend—truly whatever will make you do the work.


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Use Fun Pens and Highlighters

If you think of yourself as a visual learner, we strongly suggest stocking up on fun pens, highlighters, sticky notes and even journals. The more fun you can make the process for yourself, the better. We especially love using this technique for studying. By writing out study guides, notes and the like in an organized and colorful way, your brain will be stimulated, leading you to a stronger memory!


Invest in a Day Planner

We cannot stress this enough—you need a day planner! If you're the type of person who just goes with the flow and never writes things down, we're willing to bet you've missed a homework assignment before, or even forgot about a test. Day planners will take all your stress and anxiety away! It's a great way to make reminders to yourself about upcoming tests, homework, books to read—honestly, anything that needs remembering!

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Play Relaxing Music in the Background

There's just something about relaxing music that soothes the soul and mind. If you find yourself stressing or not being able to focus on your studies, we suggest playing some music for background noise. We prefer instrumental music so we aren't tempted to sing along, but it's up to you to choose a playlist.


Work at a Real Desk

Perhaps one of the most important ways to stay motivated is by working at a real desk. It can be a vanity, kitchen table—really anything that includes a desk and chair of some sort! If you've been working from your bed or even the couch, your brain doesn't know how to coordinate with your body. Your body thinks it gets to relax, even though you need to be focusing.

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Study With Friends

We get that studying with friends isn't an option for everyone, but even if it's just over Zoom, we promise it will make doing your homework so much easier. Even if you and your friends tend to talk non-stop when you're together, tell them about the incentive technique. For example, you could both work for 20 minutes straight with no interruptions, then get a talking break. By breaking it up into segments, you'll find time will fly by much faster.


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