How to Pick Out the Perfect Birthday Gift for ANYONE

Nailing the perfect birthday gift for a special someone isn't easy.

The options can be overwhelming (and everyone's tastes are different), but that's where we come in to help. Whether it's for your S.O., bestie, mom, dad or teacher, never feel nervous again with our handy bday gift-giving guide below!

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Nail Down Price Range

Before you start any searching, zero in on what you are willing to spend and what your budget is. It's easy to start with a dollar amount and then find yourself quickly upping your parameters when you see something that catches your eye. In order to avoid falling into the "buying up" trap, make sure you start the search with a clear number in mind. If it helps, don't bring a credit or debit card to the shopping trip. Instead, only bring the exact amount of cash needed so you aren't even tempted to up your spending limit.


Zero in on Hobbies

After a budget is established, focus on what the recipient likes to do in their spare time. Are they a sports buff? Do they like to bake? Are they great in art class? Maybe makeup tutorials are their thing. Find out 2-3 activities they enjoy and then list out the items needed to perform those activities. All hobbies have items at various price points and this can be a thoughtful way of letting the receiver know you pay attention to their life outside of school or work.

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Look Out for Seasonal Fare

Once hobbies are inserted into the equation, factor in the time of year. For instance, if the person you're gifting loves hiking and was born in May, a great gift would be a reusable water bottle. If they were born in December, you might consider a good pair of wool hiking socks instead.

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Consider the Receiver's Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are an easy way to get to know the person receiving a gift. Put their birth date to good use and look up their horoscope for that week. If it mentions they'll be introspective, consider gifting them a diary to write down their thoughts. If it says they may be unsure in the coming days, think of a fun gift like a magic eight ball to help them through their decisions. Use all the clues a horoscope will give you to come up with fun gifting ideas.


When in Doubt, Personalize

Personalization is the best default when it comes to gift-giving. It makes the object feel unique, and most importantly, it doesn't have to break the bank. On the higher end of the spectrum, you can consider monogramming an object or purchasing something with an initial. If you are looking for a lower price point, don't be afraid to bring your DIY skills out. Purchase paint and a stencil and get to it! Great items to personalize include passport and cell phone cases, small leather goods and even plain cotton T-shirts.


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