How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

With spooky season coming to a close, we are inching ever closer to the next big holiday on our radar of fall festivities: Thanksgiving.

A day full of family, friends and (perhaps most importantly) food, Thanksgiving is all about being grateful. With that said, though, we also can't forget to include that it's also a great excuse to get decked out in your finest fall attire, even if all you're doing is sitting around a table eating most of the day.

Planning the perfect Thanksgiving outfit doesn't need to be as difficult as cooking your own turkey, especially since we're here to help. Let's jump into some tips, below!

1. Consider Comfort

There's a reason your dad always makes a joke about needing his "stretchy pants" after a big holiday meal. You should never feel guilty about what or how much you eat during such a celebration, but you can prepare to look and feel your best during the feast by planning your outfit wisely. You might want to avoid wearing any skin-tight clothes, and especially stay away from those high-waisted skinny jeans. Instead, opt for looser fits or ones that can be tied together with a belt (preferably ones that can be loosened if necessary).



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2. Know The Vibe

Are you going to your super traditional grandma's place for
Thanksgiving dinner? Or are you headed to your fancy older cousin's place for a Turkey Day brunch? Maybe your mom decided to throw a casual backyard get-together. Whatever the setup of your Thanksgiving may be, you'll want to plan your outfit around the occasion wisely. After all, you wouldn't wear flip flops to a black tie wedding (or a ballgown to a chill game day cookout).


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3. When In Doubt, Go For a Dress

Maxi dress, sweater dress or even a flowy sundress, you really can't go wrong with one if you're not sure what to wear for Thanksgiving (or any event, really). Just take the above tips into mind when choosing the right dress, not to mention the weather. From there, you can go with whatever vibe you want to or whatever 'fit you feel the best in.



And there you have it, three simple tips for choosing the perfect Thanksgiving outfit! Need some more fall fashion advice? We've got you. Click HERE for our list of some of the best fall fashion pieces you can get on Amazon.