How to Prepare for Every New Moon in 2022

Another year means another year of astrology to uncover, and if the stars and planets have anything to say about it, it looks like 2022 is going to be a good one.

And with one of the astrological first events of the new year being Jan. 2's new moon, we're already thinking about how to best use the energy of each season. The new moon is known as a time for putting behind the old and making new starts, setting intentions, planning and manifestation. And did you know that the new moon always occurs in the same sign as the sun? That makes the arrival of each new moon super easy to remember, so here's how to best prepare for each new moon of 2022.

Jan. 2: New Moon in Capricorn

The hard-working and stable Capricorn energy of this new moon will have you feeling like you can accomplish anything, but don't let yourself get too wrapped up in it. That sense that you'll stick to all of your new year's resolutions might not last. Take this time to create a set of realistic goals that align with what you want from yourself. Reflect on your life and the small changes that will get you closer to your dreams. As long as you stick with the practical, you can create a game plan that will bring you happiness and success all year long.

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Jan. 31: New Moon in Aquarius

The free-thinking spirit of Aquarius might be just what you need to let go of ideas and attitudes that no longer serve you. This Jan. 1 new moon will see you flowing with bold, new ideas that you wouldn't have considered in the past, so allow yourself to start thinking out of the box. New opportunities should be coming your way, whether they're external or come from within you, and this is the perfect time to jump on them.


March 2: New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, but the energy of March 2's new moon will give you the tools you need to turn all of your dreams into reality. This is a time to let yourself be vulnerable and sensitive. Listen to what your emotions are telling you, and let the visions of your dreams guide you toward what you need from life. Even if an idea seems too big to be feasible, this might be just the time to go after it.


March 31: New Moon in Aries

Aries' new moon is actually the first new moon of the astrological year, so it carries some big energy with it. Aries is the doer of the zodiac, with the mindset and drive to accomplish pretty much anything, so leave behind your self-doubts and preoccupations and take this time to go after what you want from life. If you've been feeling shy or reserved, let the boldness of Aries help you say exactly what you've been wanting to say.

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April 30: New Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a sign known not just for its dependability and stubbornness, but for its predisposition toward fine things. That's why the April 30 new moon is the perfect time to set some intentions and start manifesting what you need from life, as the abundance of the Taurus season will bring you what's required. This is also an important time to practice self-care, as the benefits of pampering yourself will be felt even more strongly under this powerful new moon.


May 30: New Moon in Gemini

The energy of sociable Gemini will bring a desire for communication—and not just the kind where you gab and gab, but the kind where people truly learn from one another. The May 30 new moon will make you feel spontaneous and in the mood for a change, but start by just openly talking with the people you care about most. Really listen to them and what they need, as well as to yourself, to discover the best path forward.


June 28: New Moon in Cancer

The sensitive nature of Cancer may have you looking inward during the June 28 new moon. This is the sign that represents the home, and this is the perfect time to make the home as comfy and hospitable as possible. Spend time with family, and enjoy all of the comforts of staying home in order to recharge and refresh your energies, preparing you for the bold season that is to come.

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July 28: New Moon in Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun, which is why they're known for being the biggest personality of the zodiac. The new moon on July 28 will instill you with that same sense of courage and confidence, which is why this is a great time to take a leap of faith in something you truly believe in. The arrival of Leo also opens up your romantic prospects, so if you've been waiting for that perfect moment to let someone know how you feel about them, now is the time.


Aug. 27: New Moon in Virgo

On Aug. 27, the new moon's practical and precise Virgo energies will allow you to lay some pretty important groundwork for the future. This will be just the time to get organized, especially if things have fallen into disarray in the last months, and wrap your head around the idea that you'll have to put in the effort and chip away at your goals every day if you're going to make them happen. This may sound like a hassle, but the Virgo energy will put you in the right mindset to understand that path to success.


Sep. 25: New Moon in Libra

Libra is the sign of balance and keeping the peace, which is why Sep. 25's new moon in Libra is your signal to work on balance in your own life. Start by examining your relationships. Are you giving far more than you're taking in your friendships? This time will give you the insight to see it and make adjustments, including more time to take care of yourself and focus on what makes you happy as an individual.

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Oct. 25: New Moon in Scorpio

The intensity of mysterious Scorpio comes out during the Oct. 25 new moon, so be prepared to dig deep. While it's not always fun to explore your deepest, darkest emotions, it can be a powerful way to better understand yourself, as well as to heal old scars and grow. If you don't feel comfortable talking to someone, try journaling to let go of what holds you back and embrace the new.


Nov. 23: New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is well-known for the sign's never-ending sense of adventure, and as the Nov. 23 new moon rolls around, chances are that you'll be feeling a bit daring yourself. That's why this is the perfect season to kick off new enterprises, or simply find tiny adventures in the life you live day-to-day. Maybe that means trying a new food, or walking down a new hiking path. You just might start a new habit that'll propel you into the new year.


Dec. 23: New Moon in Capricorn

Before the year is through, we'll all be experiencing yet another Capricorn new moon. This one will give us even more time to think about the year ahead and want we want out of it, and thus to create a carefully crafted plan for what we want to achieve in 2023, and how we aim to get it. Let that concentration and dedication of the season guide you to happiness.

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