5 Tips That Will Help You Prepare for Taurus Season

Take a deep breath and chill out because we're entering Taurus season.

Taurus season starts April 20 and ends on May 20. Taurus people are known for being dedicated, calm, loyal, grounded and gentle. While people characterize Taurus as lazy, they are one of the most hardworking signs! Taurus just know how to slow down, treat themselves and embrace the moment. They grind through life, but they also fill it with luxury.

We will all feel a significant transition in energy as we leave the fiery and focused Aries. The last month has been full of intense and fast-moving energy, and you will feel a need to slow down. There are so many lovely aspects of Taurus that will be brought out in all of us, especially if you have Taurus in your birth chart. Here are five ways you can prepare for Taurus season so you can make the most of the thoughtful time.

1. Slow Down

Aries season was go, go, go, so you might feel the abrupt energy shift to take a pause and slow your roll. We are often impatient because we're rushing from one thing to another. It makes it hard to be grounded and be present in the moment. Taurus is known for mindfulness in every part of their lives. This new season will remind you of the benefits of taking your time your time, so start embracing the peace now. Aries season may tire you out, so this transition will be a welcome shift.

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2. Commit to Your Goals

Taurus is the most hardworking sign. They know that the term "slow and steady" is one of the best ways to approach a project. We're energized to chase our goals during Aries season, but our focus can be pretty scattered. We want to do everything at once and can move too quickly. Taurus season will encourage us to stay dedicated to a few goals. Taurus season is the perfect time to focus on the areas of your life you want to work on and make a plan to achieve them. Start looking at your various long-term goals and ideas and select a few that you want to pursue. Taurus is in it for the long haul and if you want the most ambitious goals to come true, you have to be patient.

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3. Get Outside

Taurus is an earth sign that feels the calmest when connected to nature. Taurus season, and the isolating pandemic, amplify the call of nature. When you don't have time to go on outdoor adventures, plan moments in your day to sit outside or go for a walk. Finding minor ways to experience nature in sunlight and fresh air will help you feel grounded.

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4. Treat Yourself

Ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty and love, Taurus enjoys richness and comfort. Taurus knows the pleasure of treating yourself with things that bring you joy, whether that's flowers, makeup, clothes or candles. You will feel the urge to splurge on something you've always wanted or schedule more self-care days. Treat yourself! We'll be working hard during Taurus season, so you have to put the same amount of energy into treating yourself as well.

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5. Watch Your Stubbornness

While Taurus are admired for their strong willpower, they can also be a little hard-headed like the bull. During Taurus season, it will be difficult to accept different perspectives and changes to your plans. It's important to remain flexible! Taurus are amazingly loyal and it's always okay to stand up for what you believe in, but it's not worth the drama for little everyday issues and sometimes the best adventures come from spontaneous adventures. Go with the flow this season!

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