The Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for Pisces Season

Pisces are known for being creative and sensitive daydreamers.

It's impossible not to love Pisces. There is something magnetic about their authenticity and innate kindness. We will soon be celebrating all the Pisces in our lives as we approach Pisces season, which starts Feb. 19 and ends March 20.

However, this season doesn't just affect Pisces. Pisces season will highlight the unique Pisces qualities in everyone. True to Pisces' nature, the next couple of weeks will reveal themes of empathy and creativity. To get you ready for Pisces season, here are five ways to prepare for the mystical water sign season.

Step One: Buy A Journal

If you don't own a journal, throw that into your Pisces season preparation kit. Pisces can be very emotional, which is a common trait for water signs. You may feel your emotions more deeply during Pisces season, which could be distressing, especially if you're usually very grounded like an earth sign. Journaling is a healthy coping mechanism that allows you to process your feelings. The most important thing to remember is that it's okay to feel every emotion deeply, even if you feel sadness or anger. Emotions pass and it's valuable to let yourself feel them instead of shutting them out. Take it from a Pisces—it's okay to cry!

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Step Two: Start a Creative Project

Pisces are known for their creativity, and that will become apparent during Pisces season. We will all benefit from the creative energy that sweeps in when the sun is in Pisces. Your creative projects will flourish during this time, so it's useful to start brainstorming concepts now. When Pisces season arrives, you'll already know what project you'll want to work on so you can get right to work.

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Step Three: Strengthen Your Intuition

You may feel that your intuition is stronger in the next few weeks, as it is a definite Pisces characteristic. The problem with intuition is that many of us don't trust our instincts. If you want to make the most out of the time of heightened intuition, begin acting on your instincts now. The next time you feel a strong message from your intuition, listen to it. Even if it turns out to not be right, it's all about practice. Intuition is like a muscle that you need to exercise. Practice trusting yourself so you can be in tune with yourself like Pisces.

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Step Four: Make a List of Ways to Help Others

Pisces is one of the most compassionate and empathetic signs, which Pisces season will bring to the surface. In the next few weeks, you may notice that you feel the need to reach out to your friends or help in some way. Make a list of ways you can uplift the people in your life, so you can embrace the kind spirit of Pisces.

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Step Five: Practice Optimism

Pisces love to idealize reality. While sometimes that can be negative, as they can end up disappointed when something doesn't reach their expectation, it can curate a very positive outlook on life. Optimism isn't about ignoring negative feelings or situations. Optimism is about holding on to hope and expecting good things to happen. If you're usually pessimistic, you can use a gratitude journal or challenge yourself to find the positive in a not-so-great situation. You may feel lighter and more positive energy during Pisces season. You'll be able to tap into the good vibes if you've been practicing optimism.

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