How to Properly Sage Your Room

There's nothing like a good sage sesh to get your bedroom energy in check.

The ancient practice has been used for thousands of years around the world to rid spaces of negative vibes, and it's wonderful if you're in need of a room refresh. A smudge stick—which consists of a bundle of dried ceremonial-grade sage leaves—is a healing tool that is believed to have the power to transform bad energy into a happy, calm state. It's also been said that sage helps ward off spirits, so it's a good practice if you've been having spooky feels or bad nightmares.

Burning sage is therapeutic no matter what, but there's a traditional practice to smudge your room correctly in order to reap all of the purifying and cleansing benefits. Below, we have a step-by-step guide so you can sage your space properly–just be sure to ask a parent for help and permission first!

1. Get Your Supplies

The most important thing you need for this practice is obviously sage, but not just any sage will work. Look for a ceremonial-grade smudge stick consisting of sage leaves, which you can find at local gift shops, Urban Outfitters, or online at Amazon. A part of the process of energy cleansing is picking out the sage, because picking it out helps connect you to the plant.

2. Clean Up Clutter

Before you begin, it's best to clean up any clutter in your room so that you can properly cleanse your space. Every object gives off energy, so it's much harder to smudge if your room is in shambles. Plus, it's a good reason for you to tidy up because messy rooms always have very weird vibes.


3. Light Your Sage

There's an art to lighting sage, and you should definitely grab a parent or an older sibling before lighting yours. First, you'll need a fire-proof bowl (something ceramic will work). Next, light your sage and burn it until it's got a strong flame. Then, slowly blow it out so that the sage is still has hot embers. You should notice a lot of smoke.

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4. Open All Windows and Doors

In order to move old or stagnant energy out, it needs somewhere to go. Make sure all windows and doors, inside and out, are open.


5. Smudge

It's time to begin smudging! Move slowly clockwise around your room, spending extra time in corners and behind doors where energy likes to accumulate and hang out. Then, direct or push the energy out the window to get rid of it. Take your time, no need to rush.

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6. Put Your Sage Out

Once you're done, stamp out your sage outside in the dirt or in a ceramic bowl. Make sure you don't put your sage under water because you won't be able to reuse it. Hold onto your sage and use it again.


7. Think Happy Thoughts!

After saging, the energy in your room will be neutralized. In order to make it happy and bright, you need to fill it with that type of energy! Play your favorite music, spend some time journaling, or even partake in a light meditation. All the happy feels will only make your space feel more refreshed in the long run.


8. Maintain the Vibe

It's recommended to sage at least once a month, but if that feels impractical, lighting a cleansing incense, palo santo or copal will also do the trick.

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